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Launcher Returning player , question about the client

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ok, I've been playing J/A with mods for a long time, I downloaded movie battles 2 when it first came to light. then had a bit of trouble getting it to start, it is installed. I just returned and this beautiful launcher came out and started downloading the latest updates... I have a legit Jedi academy account or key I didn't torrent it, even though it is not that hard to, but just saying, I was wondering, my client, is just about done updating is there anything else I need to do. to get this to work as intended. or am I good?

anyway , cheers, your mod is amazing, thank you so much for making this. any help or tips would be great! :)

may the movie battles be with you


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Launcher settings aren’t really that major unless you’re running into some technical issues.

I’d mostly focus on your in game setup and options and tweaking everything to your preferences.

Welcome back and hope you enjoy your stay.