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So here we go guys
Recently, we decided that current organization of guide threads is pretty messy; for example, "Hosting Server: Linux" can be found in "Support", but if you want "Hosting Server: Windows", come to "Tutorials and Guides".
Basically, we just have a half of tech guides in this section, and other half -- sticky in the Support.
In order to make things better, more transparent and more consistent, following decisions were implemented:

  1. "Technical FAQ & Guides" sub-section has been created in the "Support" section, and all guides I believe are technical were moved to that section.
  2. "Tutorials and Guides" under "Community Discussion" is now only about gameplay guides, not technical ones.
What do you feel about that? There are many possible ways to archive more consistent storing, like:
  1. Keep all technical guides inside of this section, like it was earlier
  2. Move all tech guides just to the Support section and made them sticky, so no additional sub-section is required
  3. <Your idea>
  4. etc etc etc

Personally, I can't say that this new policy is best what can be done (I'm more like "move all sticky guides from the "Support" to "Tutorials and Guides"), but it's still way better than it was, and this is what I and Viserys came up with.

Please let us know about what do you thing about these changes!
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