PUG EU Events

Greetings everyone.

Once more I would like to invite the willing players to take a part in the nearest pick-up game.

Date - Saturday 7 pm GMT
The day and hour is of course up to you people. The current one is based on my estimation, which is probably the most comfortable for most of us.

Server - MB2 Events EU

The rules have not changed so far, therefore I am going to repeat them in this post just like the last time.

In order to join you have to declare it with a post in this topic.
Or you may send a PM on discord to Kerajan#7692 or me Mystici Bellator#1349.
The password will be sent privately ONLY to people who signed up beforehand.
Sign up only if you are sure that you will be present from the start to the end of event.
If you are unsure whether you are going to be there at all or for a limited time, sign up as a reserve/spectator.
This will make everything easier for everyone, it will be known if event is going to take place.


Classlimit 1 - for example 1 elite trooper, 1 ARC, 1 wookiee, 1 mandalorian etc.

Captains are picked by volunteering, who chooses the first teammate is decided by a single pistol duel.
Players may volunteer for this position once every two games.
For example, player X is a captain on the first event, in the next one he needs to make place for the other people willing to take the lead.
New captains may be chosen during event in circumstances such as:
the previous team leader/s left the game and event still goes on.

10 rounds per map - 5 rounds and side change.
Maximum player number - 7 vs 7.
If there are more than 14 people on the server, the 15th player needs to stay in spectator mode and may eventually join if someone leaves the game.

Before LIVE starts teams are meant to make preparations:
class picking, build configuration and speak through VC or chat about tactical approach.
It is done before the game starts and after side change - 1 round - 5 minutes.
Anyone who disrupts the pause and attacks the opposite team during that time is going to
receive a forcespec, if disruption continues such a person is going to be kicked.

Both teams, if there is a NECESSITY have a right to call a VOID within the first minute after the round starts.
This may happen if someone is AFK without informing, someone lost connection or if
there is a need for a quick class/build change.
It is also allowed if a team wishes to think through and change tactical approach - 1 round - 5 minutes at the longest.


Internal Beta Team
Shall we organise a PUG for this Friday? I can probably get some of the dV8 peeps to come.