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    Written by: IroTzu
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    What is this going to be about?
    This is a mere proposition of a certain approach in order to aid our MB2 community to develop and grow. Of course this is optional and no one has to abide by it, neither anyone should be forced to do so.

    How to Skill-Balance teams?
    1. Skill wise.
    2. Number Wise.
    3. Skill vs Numbers

    Skill wise:
    Both teams have Beginners and Skilled Players.
    E.G: 12vs12 (6 skilled players on both sides)

    ⦁ Number wise.
    Each time has equal number of players.
    E.G: 12vs12 (excludes skilled players)

    ⦁ Skill Vs Numbers
    On one side Skilled players vs Beginners that have strength in numbers.
    E.G: 6 (skilled players) vs 12 (Beginners). The concept is twice more Beginners than Skilled players.

    ⦁ Training
    1. Clan Training
    2. Neutral Training
    3. Test Training.

    Clan training
    Clan trains own members so they learn game mechanics.

    ⦁ Neutral Training
    Skilled player (unimportant if the player belongs to a certain clan) teaches
    Beginner(s) about mechanics.

    Test Training
    Either two Beginners or Skilled PLayers (unimportant if they are in the same Clan)
    test the game to learn game-mechanics or develop their gameplay.

    ⦁ Clans
    MB2 has a small community, and taking into consideration that it might come to the point that the entire community (besides 10-20% players) might be in one of the clans, I do strongly advise a clan-player-limit. Many people have mentioned that MB2 can be a very toxic game, and it has sometimes got to the point were some clan members are unwelcome to servers of another clan. This only damages community and reputations of those clans.

    You could have ratio that 70% of community can be in a clan, 30% Free Agents.
    In other words, let MB2 clans can have 20 members top.

    I do admit this is a very loose proposal (not surprised if clans might find it insulting and I apologize to them in advance), but I generally hope that you get my idea behind it. Any arising issues that can damage MB2 community (epecially this small) should be dealt with and solved ASAP.

    UPA (Unlimited Power of Admin).
    1. Apply by Skill-Balance teams.
    Kick / Ban players that disrespect Server`s Autonomy.
    (Server`s Autonomy is purely up to Owners of the said servers, however it should not include personal preferences that might damage MB2 community).

    UPA Policy

    1) The problem of broad interpretation.

    E.G Have Fun.

    When you have a message "HAVE FUN", your average player may interpret it as it wishes. Welcome messages like these are a shield for those who log-in to troll as that can be their way of having fun.

    However, if you want to prevent any form of trolling on your server then writing
    "Have MB2 Fun" should be your "licence to kick/ban" a troll.
    Everything that is MB2 unrelated that ends up in someone being kicked/banned will be the Admin's opinion in that given situation.

    E.G MB2 related gameplay; class abilities, teamplay and playing objective. Trolling in gameplay is easily recognisable during gameplay.

    2) Another problem that occurs quite often is with trolling once again but via political/religious/race in the public chat or through player names (though some of it might be genuine beliefs).

    E.G Nate Higgers. (Switch N and H , please. )
    Hitler / Stallin did nothing wrong.
    God himself (You Killed GOD HIMSELF. / GOD HIMSELF killed you).
    You could label this as Stain or Bleach Politics.
    Stain Politics as in you can express any belief system you have. (E.G Nazi Germany is what every country should aspire to become).
    Bleach Politics is more like something AoD servers aim for; a modern political opinion that is intolerent towards any sort of discrimination. (Political Correctness)

    What Message of the Day (MOTD) should be like then?

    I will take AoD for an example:

    E.G AoD MOTD

    Have MB2 Fun!
    Bleach Politics Only!

    This way they have prevented any form of trolling. If it occurs, they will ban it automatically hence insuring that their Server Autonomy is fully respected.

    What is the point in the end?
    The point is that players will know what kind of server they are logging in to.
    Please keep in mind that trolling is also form of fun for certain players. It does not mean if most players dislike it that a certain group of people are not allowed to enjoy MB2 in their own way.
    This can be applied for RP as well. (I am willing to participate in aiding RPiers to establish RP servers since I have read more than once that many players wish for it).

    Also , server will enjoy their reputation.
    E.G If a certain player complains how it got kicked on a Stain server that is intolerent to player`s belief system then other players/admins will understand the situation better. This way your server (clan) is gaining / preserving own reputation.
    Let us deepen this example by using clan TR as a model.

    Random Player 1: TR is shit! So Toxic! Losers! Shit!

    TR can be explained as a polar opposite of AoD. It is a type of server that allows any sort of self-expression. Simply put, players who are uncomfortable with it can switch servers. It is their Server Autonomy and it should be fully accepted and respected.

    In the end ...
    I find MB2 to be a great game that can benefit players in more ways than one.
    I accept that players can play it to their liking therefore I hope that everyone can enjoy MB2 in their own way. All of MB2 players are part of the same community, and more importantly they are part of MB2 essence. Without MB2 Essence, it all shatters to pieces then it is gone.

    I am fine with everything as long as MB2 does not get damaged.

    /respect /love Everyone
    I hope your day is going well!

    Happy Gaming!
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    Although I find some of your ideas concerning training quite interesting, I think your view of how admins and servers should make players respect the rules, even if not extended to every server, is a bit too much forcing and constricting, I'm afraid it could cause the opposite effect (shattering the community), expecially because this game has been the way it is for more than a decade now, and many players (me included) are really used to the habits of the MBII community; a stricter control of player's behavior, expecially for things you can easily ignore (no need to be a SJW, you can /ignore players in chat if you don't like what they say), in my opinion, would ruin the game's atmosphere. But this is my personal opinion and it is totally understandable it could sound stupid to others
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    No offense, but this wall of text is profoundly pointless. Clan leaders/server owners will do what THEY want, not what YOU want.

    If you want this stuff to come to life - you are free to create your own clan or host your own server and implement these guidelines into them.
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    this forum is more shitposty in 2018 than before
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    lol if i remember correctly aod has atleast 200 mb2 members but i think its more like 400

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