Problem with ambient sounds outside

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So I've been working on this outdoor map based in Korriban for a while, with terrain mountains/hills leading into subterranean ruins, tombs etc. So I have at least three ambients going on within the map - one whilst you're outside - wind, and another for when you're inside the actual ruins, and flames/torches etc. I had no issues with the sound previously with my original layout, and the sound still works in both original areas. Its only when I expanded and added more mountains/paths that I started having an issue where despite having one, or several clusters of target_speaker throughout the new path, the sound will not work, and it has the same settings as the previous ones. Any ideas as to why the sound effects will not play in the new areas? Is it something to do with the number of target_speaker entities I have, or is it a situation wherein I probably need to use one of the system shaders on a brush, or something else, to fix?