Please remove or nerf Salacious B. Crumb from the Legends mode

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The Kowakian Monkey-Lizard is simply too overpowered.

If he's not going to be removed he should at least be nerfed by getting rid of his wookie-level strength and damage which simply does not make sense given his very small size - which also makes it a good deal harder to hit him, at least with a lightsaber. This combined with the blaster he has, the multiple extra lives, his poison darts and effects, and I believe the immunity from getting knocked down by a force push even while running makes him perhaps the most all-around useful and deadly character to play in the game mode, especially or at least in the hands of a good enough player.

Also multiple players (up to 8) can play him at the same time (which I've seen a good deal of because he's so useful and op) unlike with other characters like most of the jedi or sith.

In his current state he would be a great addition to the joke/meme game mode where things don't make sense and are more random, but not in the Legends mode where things should be a bit more balanced.
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