Please fix the SBD Advanced Targeting box glitch.

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Seriously, I don't get the logic of this. SBD installs a scope on its eyes with advanced targeting, and suddenly it shoots from its forehead and not its arm. Thanks, now you've negated the need to peek from a box and suddenly you can just fp3 down a corridor and force rebs to run 3 arcs with pulses just to dislodge it. What gives? This was a staple of old deathstar and lunarbase, where you can literally suppress all of main and side corridor if a sith is there to push nades back. Easy solution: just move the firing zone back to the arm, or if that's not possible just lower it by 2 millimeters. But as of right now sbd is just a box-camping, headglitching, hunk of metal with a scoped cr3. Somehow I think we've gone away from this (aka powerful frontline soldier with shitty mobility but insane tankiness and firepower, aka a slightly mobile turret):

and more towards this (aka ha ha i'm so good i just have to press left click and i can't get hit lol truly ez):