Fixed Over the shoulder cam is broken

In the spirit of Spaghetti's comments, I guess I'll point this out. The over-the-shoulder camera option in the settings is broken. It's angle is way too sharp, making it impossible to use in combat. A lot of players do not even know about this function due to it being broken beyond use. Will attach proof of screenshot if needed, just let me know.
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the grinch
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I can see why you would say that, however this is more of an issue of default settings changing. The over the shoulder cam was designed to work with:
cg_thirdPersonCameraDamp 0.3
cg_thirdPersonTargetDamp 0.6
It still 'works' if those values are set. At least the camera ends up pointing forward. I wouldn't say it's very good though. The camera still rotates a bit and then moves forward in separate steps which is quite disorienting. There's a reason no one used the feature even when the above cvars did not default to 1.

The reason they were set to 1 was unrelated to this feature. The problem was the severity of the camera dampening effect is FPS dependent, which meant it could throw off aim quite a bit if FPS is unstable. And it doesn't even work properly at high FPS (no dampening).

I was able to come up with a simple fix for when cg_thirdPersonCameraDamp is not 0.3 (TargetDamp turned out not to be relevant). I think it actually makes the feature slightly more usable compared to the original as there's no camera rotation during the transition period. The transition time itself is FPS dependent like dampening (very fast at high FPS) but that's probably not a big deal.
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