Ongree vs Sidious, MBII frag video


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Against all the odds I finished my frag video before my uni started. It is a pretty decent story actually:

I hadn’t even begun the video at all until yesterday. Rendered 6 demos, went to movie, came back like 10.30 pm and then worked on the video until 6 am. Before that I only had a faint idea about what kind of video I am making, neither did I have any soundtrack planned. Then later that day I woke up before 1 and then I started working on it from 1 pm pretty much nonstop up to 10 pm. When you get the flow you can’t stop until you’ve finished what you’ve started.

Enjoy the video:

Regarding the ending, it may hint about my future project, a full cinematic ‘’movie’’ about Ongree and Sidious. They’ve known each other a lot longer than one would guess and their past may just be more than meets the eye. But that is in the (distant) future, for it will be my most ambitious work so far.

Finally I can enjoy my pizza and let it upload into youtube.

ps. MBII can actually look this gud if you have 144 khz monitor, this is how I see my embeet00 everyday except for the motion blur