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    Are you searching for mod fixing lightsabers only? No other stuff, just lightsabers? Here it is! Mod fixing Rey and Luke EP5 hilt to accurate, giving lightsabers accurate sound font, and making a mix of best quality ones sounds for every action with lightsaber!

    Also, Kylo Ren sound font from THE LAST JEDI and some from THE FORCE AWAKENS accurate!!!!!!!!!

    I was annoyed by detail mistakes like Luke hilt EP5 (Graflex) isn't accurate, and so are not even lightsaber sounds of many specific lightsabers, for example Darth Maul's.
    Now it has changed! I did the work to use the existing sound fonts and combine them to make every Lightsaber having his own accurate sound by film or lore, and also fixing Luke Ep5 and Rey hilt model to very perfect one from mod of this guy: Rey Lightsaber Replacement - which he used from someone else, and also he made a mistake in codes, making Kylo Ren sounds dissapear.

    I didn't used any sounds from Film Episodes 4 5 6 - Those films are very old, and so are even the sounds. Why should I use old sounds, when there are new ones, accurate and some even HD? :) With working on this mod, I was searching for every scene for specific lightsaber and giving it the most accurate one.

    Download: Uloz.to
    Two versions Normal/Loud hum - Use one of them only.
    Two other files "zzzzzzzzBlade_Animations.pk3 and zzzzzzzzzzTFA_Live_Blades+Effects.pk3" is mod giving very HD and very perfect effect for lightsabers. The mod is from JKHUB and its not mine, I just made sure it wont cause any troubles with MBII. I very recommend to use the mod for full pleasure from fights!!

    Installation: .rar files unzip and put everything into MBII folder. The two effect mod files .pk3 also put into MBII folder.
    Recommend: Do not have any other Mods in MBII folder to make it work for 100%. Character mods replacement shouldn't cause any troubles, but what if.
    Uninstallation: Delete the same files you have downloaded from MBII folder.
    Bugs: From testing none. You can post here if you will find any.

    PS: Reload and Block button using to ignite lightsaber makes different sounds. But I dont mind that, because reload has standart peaceful ignite sound, and block has aggressive one, so you can actually choose by your own, which one you would like to use in specific situations :))
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