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I am going to be hosting a few of my new alternative FA's for current maps at 2000 Berlin Time on the -{EXE}-PAROXYSM server.
The current map list will be: tmnt_v2, mb2_cmp_fdepot_v2, mb2_cmp_geocanyon_v2, mb2_cmp_assault_v2

Be there or be square.

***newest change V1.3

New Roster - See Readme
General Bug fixes
Zuckuss Speed increased
IG88 now has A280
Pilot and Worker now have increased speed
Bowcaster further tweaked for smaller clip, higher damage
***Updated descriptions

Updated Descriptions
Neo Run Speed increased to 1.3 (prev 1.15)
Removing Neo's staff in favor of heavy melee
Neo Health decreased to 250
Neo given knockback melee
Jump 3 reduced to Jump 1

Turtles HP decreased to 150
Splinter Force Pool increased to 100
Splinter given Jump 2
Splinter Styles changed to (Blue,Purple,Yellow) from (Purple,Cyan,Yellow,Red)
Shredder Armor increased to 150
Shredder Force Pool increased to 100
Added 3rd slot to "Foot Clan Elite"
Foot Clan Staff now has 2 Lives (Compared to 4)
Foot Clan Staff now has Saber Def 1
Archer has more Ammo
Fixed an issue where Foot Clan had no BP even with Saber Defense
***Turtles given 2x Defensive Bonus
***Splinter given 1.5x Attack Bonus

Updated Descriptions and Team names
Used the MB2 Westar sound assets to replace the missing ones.
Jango now has Westar 4
B1 Commander now has Blaster 2
Gave both C3P0 droids Rally

New Roster: See Readme
New weapon sound replacements borrowed from Noob's sound pack
Merc limit set to 1
Melee speed reduced .2, Took away 1 life, added limit of 3
Jawa DEMP2 ammo reduced to 85
phasma given blast armor
Biggs wife given p3
SBD speed reduced .3, Cannon removed, Added 1 life, limit 2
Weequay bowcaster speed increased slightly, ammo reduced by 3 shots
assassin droid shield reduced by 5 to 20
Biggs given more ammo
***Officer limit set to 2

Geocanyons_v2 - NEW
3 New Classes - Clone Jettrooper, Geonosian Elite, Sun Fac
Fixer: Added Wrist Blade, fasthack
Scorch: Changed weapon to Westar m5 with Grenade launcher, Added Wrist Blade
Sev: Combined both weapons into EE3 Sniper based weapon, Increased speed to 1.15 to account for require class change w/ no stam, Added Wrist Blade
Boss: 1 Extra of each grenade type, Added Wrist Blade
CloneTrooper: Armor reduced by 30
Clone Captain: (Renamed from Clone Sergeant, went from green to red), Cr3 to Cr2
JetTrooper: Fuel 1 + regen, Pistol 1 (high dmg)
Normal SBD: Removed Mag Plating, Increased speed to 1.17, decreased armor by 30, Firepower reduced to 1, added extra life
Heavy SBD: Speed reduced to .50, Concussion Blast, Health inc by 50
B1 BD: Armor reduced by 40, speed decreased to .95, Blaster 1, 5 Lives total
Geonosian Elite: Wings (Jetpack), Disruptor 1, Claws, 140 hp
Sun Fac: Geo Elite with staff and Blaster 1
Wat Tambor removed, subject to return but without conc rifle.
Deka shield 3 to 2

First Order
Stormtrooper: Blaster 3, Pistol 1, Assemble
Melee-wep Stormtrooper: Blaster 1, Electro Staff, Assemble
Officer: Pistol 3, Dash, Rally
Recon Droid: Flying scout vehicle
Sniper/DMR stormtrooper: F11-CFE (A280 based)
Heavy Stormtrooper: FWMB-10 (3), Blast Armor
Captain Phasma: Modified F-11D, Rally

Jawa: Stun baton, DEMP 2
Rusty SBD: Mag Plating, FP2, SBD cannon
Assassin Droid: Modified Repeater (Grenade Launcher), Electric Shield, Stamina 2
Biggs the Rodian: Spitfire (Fire Pistol 3)
Biggs Wife: Ammo Sapping Pistol, Dexterity, Ammo Dispenser
Weequay: Heavy Bowcaster
Merc: Low damage high knockback rocket launcher
Merc 2: Shotgun

New Attackers roster:

Aurra Sing: Thru-Wall Disruptor and Tracking Darts
Greedo: Pistol 2 and Quick throw
Zuckuss: Vibroblade and Active camo
IG-88 (BH): Mag Plating, DLT 3, Thermal det, Poison/Tracking darts, Seeker droid, View friendly stats, resistant to punches
Weequay: Bowcaster 2 (with knockdown) and Strong Melee

New Defenders roster:

Imperial Pilot (ET): P2, 2 Lives, Faster run speed, Assemble
Imperial Worker (sold): Wrench and a Cut-resistant Suit
Stormtrooper: E-11 1
LT Officer (et): P2, 2 ion nades
ST Officer (hero): E-11 3, Dodge, Dash
Death Trooper (ET): E-11D (CR2), dexterity 2, slow, Heal 2
Death Trooper 2 (Arc Trooper): Custom DLT-19D (T21 1), slow, Alt-Nade (1), Mag Plating
Thrawn (Jedi): Rally, E-11 1, 2 Sonic nades, 2 Conc Nades, Seeing 2