No but seriously...

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I have been playing for almost 5 months and there's a lot to love and some to dislike.
Dueling: I'm interested in dueling there's a lot to understand about dueling, but I think it's the most unique thing about this game. I would loved to be mentored I know the basics but that's the fringes of what I could learn I feel like.

Gunning: gunning is good, I'm not sure if anyone else notices this but in third person when shooting where your actually shooting and where you thinking your shooting is way off. (why is that?) That's why I use first person in fights, but even then I have potato aim. I usually play bombing builds, and that's where I excel at. I love how this game relies on movement and timing no matter what class.

chat: chat can be funny but also garbage especially on tr deathstar. Although that's solved by going into console and typing set cg_chatbox 0.

trolling or meleeing: love it, spamming is fun.

overall this games great keep it up devs, and I'm excited about the new update.
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I'm an old player and haven't played in a while but i think this still applies:
1. Ask good dueling players to mentor you, pretty sure they'll teach. Back in the old days we actually learned many different styles of fighting and it was imho a lot of fun because of the quirks and sometimes instant kills. Dismantling the saber (Mblock?) was less of a thing and more of a flex thing. The unique fighting styles that people used was cool. I didn't like the latest updates to the dueling mechanics tho, can't remember when it changed.
2. I believe for the crosshair issue there are certain console commands you can use to manipulate the X and Y position of the crosshair and size.
3. MB2 chat has always been 100% troll as far as i can remember since the oldest beta's. But it was always fun and never intentionally offensive.

Good to hear you love it!