New Maps and Models

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Anyone making:

Kijimi from the rise - could be interesting fights with steeped offset buildings.

Kessell spice mine fight from Solo? Potential obj map, or just an interesting fighting arena.

Player models :

Rothgar Deng.

The Unguided

Movie Battles II Team
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Lol. Even if the movies were not up to par, the locations are interesting looking.

And Kessell is old trilogy.
Exegol lacks creativity I think - looks like a random room on Korriban just exaggerated.
Jakku is Tatooine 2.0.
Where they met Lando in TROS is Tatooine 3.0.
Kijimi looked fine but a reskin of BlueIce Nightfall (search on JKHub) would look like pretty much as Kijimi I think. (On the side note...why is everything sounds/written similar to something we haveh eard before...I mean Kejim from Jedi Outcast lol)
Needless to say but Starkiller Base is Deathstar 2.0, although the map is fine.
Eravana can be fun but that's enough.

I'm not supporting most things that goes further into the sequel characters/maps/weapons. (Rogue One not included.)
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