New force power concept "Force Confusion" (or Mind Trick rework)

Force Confusion concept
Cause hallucinations and false images to those afflicted. Afflicted beings perceive a number of phantom images including but not limited to: being set on fire, lasers whirring past them, grenades being thrown at them and rockets being shot at them. These phantom images are fake and do not inflict damage to those unfortunate enough to be hit by this force power.

The higher level this force power is the more frequent and intense the images become. A lower level Force Confusion would not cause images that might force the afflicted to immediately move from their location (such as rockets or grenades) and the higher the level the longer the effect lasts and more targets can be affected. As soon as the effect ends the afflicted is aware (notified) that they were afflicted by Force Confusion.
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Cool idea but sounds like a nightmare to implement, particularly in an online multiplayer game.
I think it would be nice to use a similar power as a replacement for the first level (maybe even second? not sure about this) of mind trick.
Maybe instead of fake "out of thin air" effects, why not randomize weapon effects for the targeted player?
For instance an enemy might throw a frag nade at the afflicted player which will then see it as a pulse / fire / conc etc... nade instead (either swap the model or change the glow color), but the explosion will still be that of a frag.
Might also work for projectiles (Intead of a red laser he will see a blue one / a rocket / a sniper projectile etc...)
The biggest problem I see with either this or your original proposal is that it might either become an useless power (people might quickly get accustomed to it's effects and not be bothered by it) or create an endless wave of unfairly perceived deaths.
Plus i'm not really sure if anything like this could easily be made in the game as of now.

Still, I like the idea


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I dont like the idea of phantom images of rockets and lasers whirring past an affected reb, but suffering from fake effects would be cool. Without taking into account balance issues, having the affected reb(s) suffer the same effect as for instance being sonic'd for a short period of time would be pretty cool.

Thinking further; being afflicted by fake poison and suffer low health damage until they briefly meditate, at which point the health damage taken reverts back. Same could apply for a burning effect and the need to roll.

Of course balance-wise this would make sith hilariously OP in open mode.
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