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EDIT2: Trying to change my words won't make this any different (I never said I was warned 2 times, I said I didn't logged in 2 times). You are (AOD) experts in bureaucracy, surely you would have use your imagination like: asking me for a screenshot of a PM (one dude asking me to log in into TS one time) message I had in a game. That is the level. #Sick

EDIT3: You are not the judges here. It is the public opinion. So sit down, your authoriy ends in your server and your forums. You can not take my right to share my experience in here, or my right to reply/inform others and that's why your only resort (AOD) is to summon all the members in a poor attept to discredit me. ¡Sigan chillando culebras! :)
1. When you are inducted into AOD you are told about all the rules including "If you are playing on AOD servers you must be in AOD TS"
2. You say "you are not in TS3 right now so you are out, take your tag out and GL HF"... just like that, no warnings and no nothing." Yet I know you were told multiple times to get in ts.

"You can not take my right to share my experience in here, or my right to reply/inform others" Never have I tried to do that to you lmao. Ironically you're the one trying to take my rights away by not letting me defend myself or AOD. I'm simply calling out bullshit where I see it.

You also act like you're being attacked by an AOD army on this thread yet only 2 people who've called you out are AOD members (including me and not including Preston). Puppytine, Rogue, and Vortex have all called you out yet none of them are in AOD. Surely they count for the public opinion right?


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Maybe StradYerV is secretly an AOD stoking drama here to keep the topic active. False flag operation! /s

If the OP wants I can move that discussion off to its own thread.
Right, they perma banned me from playing in the server.

Just because I teamkilled someone named AOD by accident. It was my second match.
Maybe the dude looked at my 160 ping and banned me. Or maybe he straight up banned me for killing him.
There are nor many servers for me to play.