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Technical Issue Messed up text and t-posing/ getting kicked out

Discussion in 'Support' started by Caleb, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. Caleb


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    So the game finally installed but some of the text is like all in pieces and just distorted. And I am able to join a server for a few seconds but everyone’s model is like T-posed and it kicks me out with an error message. The first time it showed up it said launch the game via launcher open or something like that. Now the text gets l distorted and messed up. How do I fix these 2 problems?
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    Please post a screenshot, instead of describing it with words.
    You're complaining about visual glitch, it's obvious that picture where issue is captured is way more useful than just saying "all in pieces".
    And for the love of god, please make an actual screenshot, not some photo with a smartphone.
    You guys all have PrintScreen key, right?
    This usually happens when Movie Battles is launched in wrong way.
    Do not start MBII from Jedi Academy mod menu.
    Use MBII Launcher to start MBII.
    Scroll to "Graveyard", "Please start the game via launcher and keep it running!": Windows technical FAQ/troubleshooting guide
    And next time, never use phrases like "... with an error message". It's lame and useless.
    Always quote an actual error message, fully and entirely, with no skips, or post a screenshot.
    Ackchyually, it could be a three problems:
    1. distorted text,
    2. t-posing,
    3. kicking with "start the game via launcher" message.
    I want you to:
    1. Open a in-game console by pressing Shift + ~ (aka Shift + `)
    2. Type and press Enter:
      condump a.txt
    3. Upload a file "Jedi Academy\GameData\MBII\a.txt" to this thread.
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