Fixed mb2_ctf_backstreets numerous mapping failures

So recently I've tried playing CTF and the first map I've played it on appeared to be mb2_ctf_backstreets. A bit later, when server got depopped badly, my friend and I stayed to randomly chat and have fun on the map. And we've (almost accidentally) discovered a miryad of bugs on the map, they would either trap you or be some invisible walls, bad mapping in general, or disatvantages only appliable to some classes.

Let us begin with "traps". So basically some locations accessible for non-force classes (Except Mandalorian or SBD) put player in a place that he cannot escape from.
The first one is very near to the Rebel team spawn.
imgur album zlSaj5I
It occurs on this shipwreck. Basically you climb on the ledges and fall into a place blocked with the wreck itself and a wall. Below is an example how someone can get there.

imgur album zlSaj5I

Well obviously you would ask: Why would someone willingly trap himself/herself.
Thing is: I got there unintentionally. I got pushed there with a rocket, Jedi push, or even simple E-11 knockback, also it is possible to push someone in there with a grenade but hadn't happened to me. And I had to spend the rest of the round there, just because of this.
You can see the rest of these places attached below:

imgur album LP6EzoH

Let's move to the general mapping stuff. There is prenty of map objects that are completely transparent. Plus, a plenty of useless invisible walls. Attached below:

imgur album ROGFwBh

Also there are some objects that appear to be okay but you can shoot through them when you should not be able to. Example:

imgur album fmDxIq8

Miscellaneous texture bugs:

I do not demand fixes nor deletion of the map but just making players/developers aware of these. Developers are qualified enough to make a decision on this map's future.
Edit: All these screenshots were taken on the official EU Open server.


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Some good finds, a couple have already been found and fixed since release. I'm not sure when I'll get to some of the rest you found here but they are on my to-do list now. Thanks!