[Legacy] Training Map - Release

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Meant as a basic training map including multiple dueling and training areas as well as RP and atmospheric extensions. This map may be subject to future updates for additional rooms and tweaks/optimization.
We'll be playing on this map from time to time on our server, the [legacy] Lyceum.
Hope you enjoy! See the download/installation/screenshots below


1. Install the .pk3 file
2. Put it inside of your MBII directory like so

3. That's it! You should be able to play with us

NOTE: If you have trouble loading the map you may need to be using MBII client rather than JAMP that can be selected
in the MBII launcher. JAMP has been tested with the map though and for some it has worked whilst others still seem to have
issues. (The textures are progressive and not baseline if other modders are wondering) - Thanks to Spaghetti

Sting - Textures for the cantina boards The Daily Modding Challenge Project - WIPs, Teasers & Releases - JKHub
Mb2_duel_training - Training bots (not sure which member of the devteam worked on this map)
KOTOR (Knights of the old Republic) - Music (Taris hideout + Pazaak cantina)