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Launcher Launcher not showing

Discussion in 'Support' started by hongzhu2k16, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. hongzhu2k16


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    I have recently downloaded the mb2 launcher from the website and put it in the gamedata folder as usual. but it disapears all the time and all i am left with is the mb2 launcher folder which only has (Autoupdatelogs) and (Cache).

    I have clicked on the autoupdate exe and it does its thing and then i see the mb2 launcher app appear in the gamedata folder but then after a few seconds it disappears again?
  2. Helix

    Helix Movie Battles II Team Retired

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    Sounds like your AV is automatically deleting the launcher, there have been few threads recently about this issue.
    Try to DL the launcher again, put it into GameData and before you launch it, add it to your AV's exception list.

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