Kitsu-Nesh'Kaa MB2 mods

I will upload as create something new)

NEW Z-6 Rotary blaster cannon V2

Woo-hoo!!!! It's finally happening!

Updated version of z-6
+ version from JFO
++ 3 skin options (white-grey, clone wars CGI and BF2 2017-like version)

z_zz_z6_2 - main version
z_zz_z6_2_sh - JFO Heavy assault trooper z-6 with shield
z_zz_z6_2_TEX_BF2 - BF2 Like
z_zz_z6_2_TEX_CW - clone wars version
z_zz_z6_2_TEX_W - white texture








NEW Z-6 Rotary blaster cannon

Would you like to destroy enemy soldiers with rapid-fire? This is the weapon for you!

Completely new model.
Made from SWBF2 2017model.
Textures are what I could make ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (I would be thankful if someone would make the textures better!!!!)

In addition to the model, I also made sounds (DIFFERENT).
You will find them in the folder at the link.

ES - Engine sound (Spinning)
Sadly but replaces all CR(1,2,3 and with or without blobs) sounds.
FS - Fire sounds (Obviously)

z_zz_z6_ES_BF2 - BF2 2017
z_zz_z6_ES_CBF2 - BF2 2005 (YES!)
z_zz_z6_FS_BF2 - BF2 2017
z_zz_z6_FS_CBF2 - BF2 2005 (YES! I'TS RATATATATATA :)
z_zz_z6_FS_CW_S1 - Clone Wars CGI Season One
z_zz_z6_FS_CW_S6 - Clone Wars CGI Season Six
z_zz_z6_FS_RH - Republic Heroes Game
z_zz_z6c_ES_BF2 - BF2 2017 (A slightly different sound. I think Ovissian Gunner uses it.)

Enjoy :3




Taron Malicos saber Hilt UPDATED!!!
Replace Valor hilt. Fully self-made!

Just Dark Jedi retexture
Old republic soldier with helmet +(small_fixes models)
New darkjedi texture.
Old rep sold with helmet added in 1.8 (Thx MB2 Team, i love you!)

Darktrooper (Commando and Mandalorian class)
Added rocket on backpack
03.08.2022 - glm update

Old republic blaster rifle
From kotor/tsl. Original author: FallenGuardian387
Replace e-11

Hunter-Killer model 77/78a
From SW Galaxies
Parts of these droids and working HK-47 vocabulator collectors found on Mustafar.
Bought by Hutts transfered to underground factories. Later, mechanics assemble a batch of perfectly working droids, as well replacing their guns to similar hand. (just *off in skin file).

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