Kinda new. Wanna get good.

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I started playing on Duel servers a few months ago but ultimately petered out. I recently came back and started playing more Open mode. I'm not very good and the game pisses me off but I really want to put more hours in. I'm kinda shy in online communities but I look forward to getting to know more people. Pls don't bulli.

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Practice a lot, feel free to ask for help in-game, on the forums or in the mb2 discord for specific issues or for general help. Get the basics down first (movement, class abilities, decision-making for nades/rockets etc.). I would hold off playing jedi/sith until you know how you would deal with them as a gunner. In fact that's a good idea for any class(es) you might be struggling to kill; go play as it as a bit and find out the strengths and weaknesses.
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This is a useful post:

One of the biggest hard-earned skills is learning to read the opponents/map. If you use the map to your advantage and are good at predicting where the enemies will be based off where your teammates died or their general patterns, you don't have to be the best gunner around to do well.