It's an (not so much/not really at all) elaborate ruse!

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I've been around for while on MBII now - I think as far back as 2014 maybe slightly earlier - though I've been through my share of nicknames. But I'm pretty confident that ElaborateRuse is going to be the one to last me until the end of time (whenever that may be), so I figured I'd finally introduce myself on the forums as such. Remarkably enough, it seems to be actually working since I've had a few people ask me if I'm someone else only to disappoint them (and stop calling me someone else). With that: Here I am. I feel that most people who I've played with now think I'm salty 24/7. I'm not, it's only during work hours :rolleyes:. I'd have probably stopped playing long ago if it wasn't a prime way of fuelling my adrenaline addiction and my need to torture myself. Who knew virtual coke could be so cruel?

But it's nice to finally say hello somewhere that I'm not being shot at, blown up or sabered. Then again, I usually just stick to single words most of the time...



Okay then
... K

For real, though, hope everyone's staying groovy.