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[EXPIRED] I'm new to this

Discussion in 'Support' started by Kopa, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Kopa


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    Ive been a fan of Jedi academy sinceit came out on xbox and stayed until its final breath on the servers. never really dove into the world of computer gaming that much so im extremely new to all of this. is there a guide on how to set this up or something? do i just need to download the MBII files? or do i need to download Jedi academy through steam or something else? any help wold be appreciated.
  2. Lervish

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    Hello! You need to have a copy of Jedi Academy installed and patched to version 1.01. MB2 supports both non-Steam and Steam versions (the latter should be patched automatically).

    The easiest way of installing MB2 is by downloading the Launcher. Upon first run you should point it to your Jedi Academy folder, and then it'll take care of downloading the files to the appropriate folders. After everything's downloaded you can run the game via the Launcher, and it should be left open in the background while playing.

    Hope this helps and you have a good time! :)
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