I'm leaving MB2 for good.

Yes, Catman is leaving MB2 for good. I don't have time to play anymore. Plus i'm thinking about selling my pc, i may not do it but my work has been pretty hard and leaving me with no time to play. So Thank's for every hour i've had in this mod, every friend and "enemy" i've had, every clan i've been into, every Admin even you, spaghetti. I hope this game can get a lot more players so i could maybe play this mod again and hopefully see this game alive, thanks for the TG members, thanks for the goblins, thanks for everyone that is playing this game and making the communtiy alive such as the modders, admins, servers.

This is my goodbye card sort of. Thanks for everything MB2!

If you enjoyed it, if you have good memories of your time on mb, don't be ashamed to treasure those memories.

The world is crappy and a lot of bad shit happens. Everyone at some point in their lives has to go through some bad shit. Some more than others. I honestly miss the times I could play mb for hours on end everyday. I wish I had the time and capacity to come back to it.

Hate the fact there have been no real new games to adapt a new version. But every experience *is* an experience. I hope things work out for you and maybe one day, if not here than somewhere else, you can have the same love, the same high, you expereience here somewhere overwhere.
Welcome my friend.
It's very sad message for me. We know each other for so long, trolled for years in that game.
Everything is temporary, uncle once said. Maybe its true?

I also don't have much time anymore to play, but I will don't quit. I will just play less.
After the day with hard job I don't wanna to play that game sometimes.
I wish the best for you, and I hope you will earn peace of mind and happiness in your real life.

Take care my dear.