I request an admin on EU dotf 24/7 server


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The ability I seek is not kicking or baning people, but the penalty removal. The server is often populated with newcomers and not-so-coordinated players and ofcourse, some realy upset people. As some of you may know, I enjoy sniping. Sometimes I snipe too early and kill a friendly or sometimes, despite my efforts, someone simply runs into my shot. Some people give you the space to explain yourself or they just let it slide, but some will hit punish instantly. I do not hold a grudge against this, because there are times when the frustration builds up and I smash that insta punish myself.

With the influx of new player however, the number of these incidents almost tripled. An average player, no matter how well mannered or skilled, amasses critical amount of penalty for accidents atleast once per day.

I not only want to have the ability to erase "controversial" penalties, but I also want to appeal for current admins to do this aswel, because usualy when you bring this up to admins they just deny your request or ignore it.
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some smart people will remove Tk points to themselves and their trolly friends so it's a good idea admins here dont have smod settk.
bg admins dont have settk either if i'm not mistaken


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some smart people will remove Tk points to themselves and their trolly friends
A good solution/workaround for this issue is to annouce a TK points reset fest for a short time - resetting TK points per request. This way you can reset your own points and prevent people whining about abuse.
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One thing that would also help is setting tk points much higher whenever an admin is playing.
What i usually do to avoid tk p is alternating between gunners and beeing a lone wolf saberist, maybe that can help you a bit, too.