I feel like it's time to get into the forums... My introduction

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Hello, my name is Cameron, my internet alias is Ronin. I'm 5 years late as to doing this but better late than never. Most of you know me already (I'm loved by all, pretty much. Even have the developers in my back pocket and I run tR clan)

I'm the Cringe Roleplayer. I love dueling. I like Open. I adore FA. Fuck SA. I am very bipolar and apologies in advance if you run into me during my outbreaks or have experienced them before (Kwinto). I run a new clan - Consortium. Feel free to join our Discord server here -> discord.gg/AwHQQcf <- and read up on us here (we love a good plug don't we)

Erm... Since my first day in MBII, I have never really contributed much to the community, this forum page or the Discord so I feel like now is the right time to start. I do like to voice my opinion and I do really enjoy MBII so it's only fitting I finally start to... Not be a retard I guess. Hence the recent activity in the Discord, starting a new noob-friendly clan and whatever else. Thanks devs x

Yeah. Amazing presentation, see you all in-game as I have been doing for the last 5 years. As you were x
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