how to get better at movement prediction?

Discussion in 'Feedback & Gameplay' started by SomeAngryDude, Dec 1, 2018.

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    topic says it all. i want to shoot people in their heads, not the air around their heads. i'll be very appreciated if you will give me some tips.
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    It depends on the distance and the fact whether your opponent knows about your existence. If he sees you and actively dodges at long distances it is impossible to make prediction shots, because your opponent can change direction before your shot reaches him. So you just spam in his general direction, 2-3 bullets in one point, then quickly adjust and shoot again 2-3 bullets.
    If he did not see you and moves in a predictale trajectory it's much easier. You'll have to learn bullet speeds and where to aim depending on a distance between you and your opponent.
    If the opponent is close to you -- just track him like you would with a hitscan weapon and make distance+ping correction. If you can't do a hitscan track, then practice in quake or some other game. It all boils down to muscle memory and experience.
    Don't forget to strafe unpredictably.
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    Use the same weapon for weeks to get used to the speed of it's projectiles. You need to know where to aim (at different distances), if in theory you would know where your enemy is next.
    Good start is Soldier/Commander with E-11.

    On long range a general rule is to always aim at the height of the enemy's head while he is crouching, so you will always have a height that hits when he is not jumping. (ARC's aren't crouching much, there you can aim higher)
    Then you have to pick one side of the enemy where you aim next to him. The distance of your crosshair to your target depends on your weapon's projectile speed and if he's crouching, walking or running. It's basically a coinflip guess, but there are moments where you can increase the chances.

    What i mean by that is, that even the best players tend to fall back into familiar movement patterns, especially if a fight takes longer. Some are as basic as just crouching left,right,left at the exact same distance (Good ol' Ben loves that move =)) . You need to recognize those patterns before they realize they are doing one and instantly adjust your aim to the same pattern. (or shoot in the middle if they are tapping a,d,a,d,a very fast)

    On mid range there usually is more running involved, so you can aim at head height while they are standing. Otherwise it's pretty similar.

    On short range you are probably fine with aiming at your target in the current patch. You can also focus only on your movement and spread your bullets somewhat in your target's direction.

    Players with weapons that always aim accurately (Pistols,Manda EE-3, ARC M5) tend to fall back into movement patters way less and have a big advantage over you in long range fights, so it's better to only pick short range fights vs them.
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    Tips from a GOD gunner

    - Buy a big mousepad
    - Lower your sensitivity
    - Reduce your DPI to 400 or 800
    - Get a 144 hz monitor
    - Use 3rd Person always
    - Practice pre-aiming after you know where your opponent is so you don't have to flick your mouse too much (people will call you a wallhacker but fuck the h8rs)
    - Know prefire locations and when to prefire based on when the opponent would be there
    - Learn timings such as reload time of proj whenever fighting another sniper so you can prefire and kill them before they can even shoot
    - Take your time with shooting (especially P3)
    - Don't shoot just to shoot. Concentrate on your opponents movements and learn their strafe pattern so you can predict where they move next
    - If your opponent doesn't know where you are, take your time with the shot before firing

    Follow these simple steps and you 2 can bcum a gam3r g0d.
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    okay, i'll take those tips in consideration. thank you and may god bless you all.
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    Who are you again?
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    here's some tips from a rc3 vet:
    >get lucky
    >use teammates as distraction/bait/support (a.k.a. teamwork)
    >avoid weapon innacuracy mechanics during medium and long range combat (tap walk as you shoot while moving, don't overheat ee3, or just use pistols because pistols are always accurate)
    >stay alive, learn your maps, use element of surprise
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    I saw that
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