How performance enhancing drugs effect dueling in MB2, I shit you not

No clue if a post like this will fly in a (to my possibly incorrect knowledge) primarily American forum.
But here's an essay on my findings in the effectiveness of drugs with an attention/focus enhancing effect.
For example like the stereotypical effects of Ritalin or Adderall, as performance enhancers for dueling.
What I was on specifically, was Dextroamphetamine. Which is one half of what makes Adderall, and like both Adderall, Ritalin and most other focus/attention enhancing drugs, it's generally intended to treat ADHD. Don't take this shit recreationally, all Amphetamines are outright just much less potent versions of Methamphetamines.
I only did it simply because I am Australian 👌

First off I need to say, that I do not remotely condone doing this. When you're a good duelist this legit is exactly the same as if you were just straight up hacking.
Don't do drugs unless you're taking them responsibly in a safe space, ty ty.

Now, the footage I have, I recorded to specifically demonstrate the effects the drug had on my style and abilities. and is from when the performance enhancing effects were about half as good as they were originally and I was feeling jittery and a bit "cracky" for some time in this period. I didn't end up getting footage of it's peak, which I hope you can forgive and understand as I was extremely wired on drugs at that time. BUT, this footage still showcases the same type of extremely precise and accurate mouse movements, a much more polished form for all my mechanics skills, improved timing, and prediction accuracy.

Visually, during the peak it looked very similar. All my abilities just were at a much higher level of effectiveness. I would compare the mouse/camera movement's level of speed and accuracy to what clips of a not rusty Karus' perspective looks like when he's dueling. Which, is a pretty large jump in skill level from my normal baseline. While I'm just about the third best duelist in my humble and small region with an even smaller pool of duelists. You need to understand that with my normal dueling ability, I've not reached the level yet of possessing every single one of these traits at the same time, like most of the best duelists in the world have possessed in the past and present, and that I had during this period of time
(please don't take that as a form of bragging, I only was capable of this from outside influences completely seperate from any achievement I've reached or hard work I've put in.)

I'm making these points because I want to paint a picture of my natural skill level, and just how massive and unfair the advantage this drug gave me was.
In the peak, while I was dueling, my level of prediction accuracy and reaction speeds were so heightened that I had the uncanny and extremely vivid feeling that I was able to see a number of seconds into the future when it came to what my opponent would do next, to the point where it was almost like I could visually see it too. I had a genuine sense of possessing superhuman-like abilities for the duration of the drug's peak effectiveness, being able to perform better than any persons possible best with my natural cognitive abilities.

This illustrates just how much this drug affects your, or atleast my mind and perception. But, despite me obviously not actually being able to do something like see into the future, my accuracy in predicting my opponents was near perfect. It seemed only to be wrong when an opponent performed a swing or action in a moment I would never under any circumstances expect, OR when I was fighting a duelist that is close to the level of skill the drug elevated me to, the latter of which I will go into depth about.
The single downside, nearing the same magnitude in which my abilities were enhanced, is the fact that being wired on the drug made it extremely difficult for me to perform any in depth and complex thinking or problem solving. This results in me not being able to plan or effectively outsmart my opponent. In less pretentious words, it essentially made me fucking retarded. Without being able to perform this extremely essential part of dueling, I was not able to perform high level swing select, consciously and willingly adapt my actions and strategies to best defeat my opponent, or sometimes even willingly mix up my attacks. But, because every skill I have so far ingrained into my muscle memory was seemingly enhanced to the absolute highest level of efficiency I could ever possibly perform at I could play on pure instinct/gamesense, allowing me to defeat most duelists through extremely fast reaction speeds, the ease in which I could read them and predict their actions, and an extremely refined sense of timing and level of control. The only duelists I didn't have a near absolute guarantee to beat, were top level duelists around or above the level of skill that the drug gave me, which I will go in depth about right now.

The one person on at the time during the peak of the drugs effectiveness, that could equally fight against and in some ways effectively defeat the advantages the drug gave me over a normal person, was the as of writing this best duelist in my region. I have no clue if the overall the sum total of my abilities were above his or not during this period, but there's one thing that he without a doubt had over me, far more dueling experience. My inability to adapt and effectively break out of the rhythm he sets, meant I could not properly leverage my extreme accuracy in reading and predicting my opponent to allow me to improve my chances of landing bodyhits and being able to instinctively perform a guaranteed successful mixup. Because of the difference in experience, he was able to grealy increase his odds to overcome my otherwise near unavoidable PB by setting up and performing optimal mixups or choosing a selection of swings that land bodyhits by taking advantage of my unconscious patterns and thinking. This is the one aspect where I think straight up auto PB hacks would perform better. While I did drastically better on average than I do against him normally, my ability to perform swing's and combos of a far higher quality and easily read and react to swings far better than I would naturally weren't nearly as effective as they generally were otherwise, since he has a good knowledge of how I fight allowing him to exploit my weaknesses and have a much easier time overcoming these abilities I had. The only enhanced skill that he couldn't overcome is my slap on prediction, which is my bread and butter normally in the first place.

Now finally, I know a lot of the word's I've chosen to use are over the top and grandiose in describing the things I was able to do. But I want to emphasise just how insane the degree these types of perscription drugs can and do enhance your abilities. I've tried to be completely honest and equal in describing the perspective I had when I could use these abilities while also being honest about how they realistically were like and functioned. Even at the peak, I was not a perfect and infallible duelist, there were some vast imbalances in the level of my skills and I still was able to make mistakes and fuck up. These were only made more unlikely and easier to recover from by the drugs huge enhancement to my physical abilities i.e reaction time. In the footage I was able to get, the utmost confidence in my actions and how precise and disciplined my mouse movements were make it superficially appear like I'm way better than I actually was at the time, and it was the same during the peak. Theres still duelists that have been far better than the level I was temporarily raised to. A human's body is not meant to perform things to this level all at once for these periods of time, there were a lot of moments where I suddenly felt so wired and cracked out that my ability to even duel competently would completely tank for a second before I came back into it.

As a massive dueling nerd this has been an extremely interesting experience I wish I could study and pick apart completely. I really wish I got footage of the performance enhancing aspect at it's peak, I'd have the ability to study my own techniques and skills at possibly the best I will ever be able to perform them. And I truly feel I have not been able to portray how absolutely insane the shit I was able to do was.

This is essay is some pretty weird and far out there shit for a 20 year old Star Wars mod. But I hope you found this as interesting as I have, I havn't really seen any proper explanation for performance enhancing drugs in videogames and Esports and the absolutely huge amount in which they improve your skill level so I'm glad I have the ability to share some information about it.
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