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[SOLVED] How do you install OpenJK To MB2?

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Im using Windows 10 64-Bit and MB2 Latest Version.
Which OpenJK version should i install and how do I install it?


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Could you please stop creating multiple topics about the same issue? Don't spam forums.

A fork of OpenJK, called "MBII Client", is already shipped with Movie Battles installation.
Start MBII Launcher, click Settings, switch "Engine" from "JAMP" to "MBII Client", click Play.
Movie Battles will be launcher via (fork of) OpenJK.

If you want a vanilla OpenJK for some reason, download latest Windows version here: index · powered by h5ai 0.26.1 (http://larsjung.de/h5ai/)
Unpack everything to "Jedi Academy\GameData".
Move file "rd-vanilla-mbii_x86.dll" to some unrelated folder.
Right click on "openjk.x86.exe", select "Create Shortcut".
Right click on newly created shortcut, Properties, add to command line:
 +set fs_game mbii
, OK.
Now you can start Movie Battles by clicking that shortcut.
Please notice you still to have keep MBII Launcher running in the background all the time while playing Movie Battles.
Warning: if you will want to go back to use MBII Client and not stock, vanilla OpenJK, you must return "rd-vanilla-mbii_x86.dll" into GameData directory AND remove "rd-vanilla_x86.dll" to some unrelated folder.

In other words,
file "rd-vanilla-mbii_x86.dll" is distributed with Movie Battles. It's required to run MBII using MBII Client (but not with JAMP). It blocks vanilla OpenJK from start.
File "rd-vanilla_x86.dll" is distributed with vanilla OpenJK. It's required to run MBII using vanilla OpenJK (but not with JAMP). It blocks MBII Client from start.
You need to manually handle these files in "Jedi Academy\GameData" folder in order to be able to use both MBII Client and stock OpenJK.
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