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Technical Issue How do you add the config files to Steam?

Discussion in 'Support' started by TheJuggerLuke, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. TheJuggerLuke


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    Whenever I open it up in Steam all my controls and settings aren't the same as they are on the launcher. Could someone please figure out how to make the config file work with Steam?
  2. Noob

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    You should probably tell us this info first.
    What engine were you using previously (JAMP, MB Client)
    How are you running it through steam (be specific. For ex. I just open launcher then run through steam with +set fs_game "MBII")

    I bet more than anything it's because on steam you are running JAMP and on launcher it's MB Client.
    If that's the case, copy the contents on openjk.cfg and paste it into a new one called jampconfig.cfg (or vice versia)
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  3. Puppytine

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    There are two different engines to run game with,
    1. JAMP
    2. MBII Client/OpenJK
    Steam = JAMP.

    When starting game via MBII Launcher, you can choose what engine to use:
    MBII Launcher => Settings => uncheck "Steam integration" (skip if there's no such checkbox) => Engine.

    JAMP stores its settings here:
    Jedi Academy\GameData\MBII\jampconfig.cfg

    And MBII Client stores them here:
    Jedi Academy\GameData\MBII\openjk.cfg
    My Documents\My Games\OpenJK\MBII\openjk.cfg

    btw, in fact there is another one engine, jaMME.
    It's great for creating gameplay videos.

    Also MBII Client is fork of OpenJK, so theoretically, we can count pure OpenJK as fourth engine, though I doubt many ppl use it anyway.

    Related thread:
    OpenJK vs JAMP
  4. TheJuggerLuke


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    I was running it with JAMP and I used the +set fs_game "MBII" command.

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