Hempsolo map challenge from Brazil in 2015!

Hello MBII team! We are players from Brazil and we would like to share with all the world a little something we did last year.

Our brazilian player Peidawan created some maps a while ago, and one of them features a sort of single-player gameplay against traps and bots (altough some of them are buggy). Then, we created a challenge for the brazilian community to beat this map and record the demo in two categories: two player coop and solo (watch the embedded videos bellow). As a reward, we gave some steam games gift codes, including some Star Wars ones.

We are very happy that the release of the new movie Episode VII: The Force Awakens has brought back the golden years of MBII, as we are making a great effort to bring not only old brazilians players back, but also to attract new ones. We have two brazilian servers, a main and an auxiliary one for training. Lately the main one is becoming full with 32 players. Our site is www.mb2brasil.com and our Facebook fanpage Movie Battles Brasil

In name of all brazilian players, we would like to thank MBII team for this great decade of effort to keep the mod alive! Your work is so great! Maybe we can help you in the future. May the Force be with you! =D



This would actually be a really interesting FA map. Similar to Jawa Race but you kill bots on the way :D