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Technical Issue Help with spawning

Discussion in 'Support' started by Dawson, Jan 19, 2019.

  1. Dawson


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    So I can load in a server just fine but when I go to spawn in it never lets me spawn in I can pick sith it says im sith but it keeps me spectator same thing with every server
  2. SK55555555555555555

    SK55555555555555555 Donator Moderator Internal Beta Team

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    Have you waited until the end of the round? Try joining when the 10 second countdown begins. Also don't forget to set up your class configuration.
  3. Lessen

    Lessen Childpuncher Movie Battles II Team

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    After selecting a class, you have to wait in Spectator until the start of the next round. You don't instantly spawn. It's like Counter Strike. Short rounds with limited lives, a "last man standing" kinda deal. Like Fortnite! Kinda. So mid-round joining isn't a thing. (Except in Duel mode.)

    That being said, sometimes (especially when selecting Jedi/Sith) you'll get "join-bugged", and you won't spawn. If that happens, I think you have to restart your game? Or maybe just rejoin the server. Maybe restart your game. Not sure.

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