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Discussion in 'Feedback & Gameplay' started by Me_again, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Me_again


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    Will there be maps with some vehicles? i know they can be buggy if we take note from the original JKA Siege mode.
  2. MaceMadunusus

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    There are a few maps with vehicles, particularly in the uMad pack. We also created a couple vehicle maps as part of a pack years ago but they are not in the main build.

    I personally want to create more vehicle maps but would like to see them reworked a bit to make the most out of it.
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  3. Tylenol

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    There are already maps with vehicles
    um_swooprace is self explanatory
    um_bespin has a tauntaun you can receive for completing an objective
    um_sniperlabs is basically an MB2 space battles prototype
    Pretty sure there's more but I can't really name them all off by heart
  4. cannonfodder


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    theres a yavinassault map with them
  5. Me_again


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    how funny since i havent been in any of those maps. well i hope in time we get more maps including some vehicles
  6. Townsend


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    There's this one map I played on open that had ships you could fly and fight in;can't remember it though
  7. Dra-Gon


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    I agree with Mace, I too would like to first see vehicles reworked. Right now they feel clunky on use, which is in most maps balanced out by ridiculous firepower or damage. A proper system that allows vehicle customization for DEVs, allowing vehicles to be boarded by multiple players (imagine one player driving, other players shooting from laser turrets inside the vehicle). However at this point I would think it would have far lower priority than anything else in the game (too much work and great majority of existing maps wouldn't use new vehicle system). The current system is IMO not really worth for standard maps (clunky, buggy system, no options, sometimes ridiculously OP or timewasting, e.g. tauntauns in xmas dotf).

    I would love to see a proper star fighter battle map (for example a battlefront like space map where you need to disable capital ship, get inside its hangar and then on foot finish objective). Or a siege-like map, where first part of the map is in vehicles (e.g. tanks) and later on you finish the map on foot (e.g. get to the base and crack open its walls, then infiltrate base on foot and get objective).
    The downside of maps where you could use vehicles (as in tanks, star fighters, etc.) is that vehicles require the map to have large open areas for which JKA is not really optimized. (can't really do area portals in space map) so your FPS rate would suffer. Not to mention it syncs badly with existing classes in open (e.g. sniperfest in open areas).

    That may actually be the um_sniperlabs. It's a map in space where you get from one base to the other via star fighters.
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  8. Stassin

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    I'm a little surprised that noone has given a more complete answer to this so i'll list mb2 maps with vehicles i'm aware of:

    - mb2_BF_Geonosis
    - mb2_cmp_prison
    - mb2_sb_destroyer
    - mb2_yavinassault
    - mb2_duel_dunesea
    - mb2_duel_tusken
    - um_bespin
    - um_prisonraid_v4
    - um_sniperlabs
    - um_spacerace
    - um_swoopbattle
    - um_swooprace
    - um_xwing

    and surely there are more amongst clan maps or other custom-made ones that are generally less known.

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