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My name is General Grievous. I have been playing MB2 for about 6 months now. I have found the game to be quite fun, and so I have wanted to get more involved. I haven't been on the forums but I decided to make an account today and introduce myself. A friend of mine and myself are making a new clan themed off of the CIS (and it is called the CIS) and we now have our own server. So I thought I'd make an account here and pop by to say hello.

It is the hope of myself and my friend, who are forming this new clan, to make a small friendly clan that is free of toxicity. I was surprised (though I don't know why thinking back on it) when I discovered how toxic this community could be at times. It is my wish to perhaps negate some of that by simply being friendly with everyone and not get baited into pointless internet fights with anyone here. So if anyone does want to troll me go ahead, but don't expect a response from me.
This mod for this game is very fun and has great potential for new players to come in and grow the community. We should all try to be as non toxic as possible in order to facilitate this. I can't speak on anyone else's behalf nor make demands of anyone here, but for my part at least, I am going to try to be as non toxic and welcoming of new players as possible.

Anyways, I hope all of you are doing well and I look forward to seeing yall in game. And don't forget to come check out our server (CIS Main server). We have a cool selection of maps and rtv/rtm functions.

See you in game.
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Hessu please stop posting on my forums. Whenever I read one of your shitty, unwitty posts, I get a little bit angrier. Each one of your posts pushes me further into wanting to sanction the state of Israel (economically) for their crimes committed against the population of the Middle East.
LMFAO. golden
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LMFAO Greivous you're the one talking about toxicity when you refuse to say anything to me but "duck shart". Good luck with your clan mate, but don't delude yourself.