[Guide] Mac Installation

Don't do this, you're supposed to launch Mono from a command line, passing a name of Launcher as a parameter.

Use these guides:
Automatic install: Technical Issue - Noob Probs on Mac: App Support JKJA folder is gone
Manual install: [SOLVED] - STRUGGLING with Mac installation.

Please stop retelling error messages with your own words.
You absolutely, positively must quote all error messages you got fully and entirely, with omitting a damn word.
Screenshots are also welcomed.

I was able to fix the problem. I just went through the ModDB site, found the 1.5.1 full version, slapped it in the contents of the Jedi Academy folder and it was fine.
Hey, everyone! First-time poster, long-time player here. Thought I should share here the steps I used to get MB2 working on my Mac.

1. Install Jedi Academy. The rest of this guide assumes you've installed it via Steam to simplify the rest of the process.

2. Download the latest MB2 launcher for Mac. This is a .NET exe file and needs to be run using Mono. You need to place this launcher under /Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Jedi Academy/SWJKJA.app/Contents/ (you can browse the contents of an .app by right clicking on it and selecting Show Package Contents).

3. Download and run Mono Universal Installer for version 3.12.1 from here.

4. Download my launcher script under this page and place it on your Desktop.

5. Open your Terminal application under Applications > Utilities. Typing Terminal in spotlight will work as well.

6. Type in chmod +x ~/Desktop/launch-mbii.sh and press enter to make the script executable.

7. Right click on launch-mbii.sh on your Desktop and select Get Info. Under Open with: press the Change All button and use the Terminal app under Applications > Utilities.

Double clicking launch-mbii.sh should launch the MBII launcher if everything went correctly. You can carry this anywhere. Enjoy!

Mine isn’t working, I downloaded mono installed it, but don’t know if I “opened it” anyway, I followed every step and this is what I got:Imgur the mb2 didn’t open
Okay, thanks, I downloaded the right version of Mono, now this happened ( see image.) I downloaded the mod multiple times from many different links. Even downloaded the MB2 folder with 1.2 gb. I just want to play, plz help.


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