[Guide] DDoS protection

MB2 runs off the Q3 engine which has a well known and vastly exploited issue, it's what caused all the issues this weekend.

My server is getting bot striked...

This is a great little script that will protect your server and the thread itself has plenty of detail about the issue.

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Another important set of rules for blocking fakeclients and a msg exploit, which was patched in OpenJK but some servers seem to use older crap

I'd recommend all people apply this rule or find a host that has attack scrubbing.

Some other references:
Amplification DDoS attack with Quake3 servers: An analysis (1/2) - Alejandro Nolla - z0mbiehunt3r
Amplification DDoS attack with Quake3 servers: An analysis(2/2) - Alejandro Nolla - z0mbiehunt3r
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Unfortunately the attack is doing a little more than what that script will cover. I would also recommend using a recent-ish OpenJK build if possible to benefit from the application level mitigations there which helps dealing with whatever isn't filtered.

I am willing to share what I have done to mitigate attacks so far for the US officials to anyone running a server, just PM me here or on Discord. It's pretty dumb and simple but has worked well so far. It may not help everyone though (as our hosting provider does some mitigation before it hits the server too).
All it was was fakeclient spam and getstatus spam both of which you can block with the rules I've referenced above, the first script is only for getstatus spam though.

I'll come up with something more simple for people if needed, latest OpenJA is very important however it wont do much to prevent fakeclient and getstatus spam.