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Technical Issue Game doesn't want to load

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Hello !

I have a little problem with the game. I have JA installed with steam, so when I start MBII I have an error message


So I followed the usual steps to make the game works with this version of JA :

erreur 2.png

And now the game works... almost. A tiny window is opened, and after a few seconds, the game seams to load in this window, when I click on it, my mouse is locked, I can listen to music so Movie Battle is working, but I can't open this window, the only option is to kill the app.

erreur 3.png

The original game works normally, it's just the mod.

Does someone have a solution ?

Thanks and sorry for my poor english.

EDIT : I thought it can be a resolution problem so I checked in the mod files and I found a "openjk.cfg" when I changed fullscreen from 0 to 1 and set custom resolution (1920*1080), now the game opens in full screen but stay black with a dark gray rectangle in the middle of my screen. My mouse is locked in this gray rectangle so it must be the real game screen. I can heard the music and selection sounds when I move, so still no image, but in fullscreen now !
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