Unconfirmed g_classlimits not working as intended.


The variable
appears to not be working reliably. After enabling it, we can notice the UI does glow red on classes that have no free slot. (For example 3 jedi).
Yet bypassing it is possible, and doesn't seem to be done on purpose. In fact I observed this issue during successive map. The UI does show it is limited, yet we can see 5 Jedi in-game. (Or else).

Thanks for taking note, of this (potential) bug.

(P.S the variable was set using the correct format : 14 values spaced with - and using two numbers always.)

EDIT: It seems even when its locked, you can spam click a class button, then the model selection UI shows up. Also you can hear a really spammy hovering sound "clickclickclickclick" when it's locked and hovering the mouse.

EDIT2: To reproduce it, have one class that is locked (ex Sith 3/3). Click Play, then select imperials. Now click any class (Ex: Soldier) Now click again on top right on imperials, and now even if it's locked(Sith), you can spam click and it will let you in.
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