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Technical Issue Friend can't connect to certain server

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Sometimes this server shows up on his list, sometimes it doesn't. We were trying to play DN Relax And Chill server today about 15 minutes ago, and he couldn't find the server no matter what. His network settings were all set to recommended or default, and other servers such as duel servers were showing up on his server list. We had played the DN server together previously a few days before with the exact same map and he had no problems at the time, the server was not full when he was trying to connect and there were no filters on his server list. We also tried to add the server as a favorite, /connect through console with the IP from the server tracker list and find a player (myself) on the server to hopefully show the server to connect through but none of these worked and connecting through console only showed an "Awaiting Gamestate" screen which only counted and did not connect. If anyone could help that would be great, I also tried to launch the game with OpenJK client but could still not find the server.

EDIT: Okay, I disconnected from DN server and my friend could find the server. He connected to it. Now it doesn't come up on MY list. I would like to mention in case this has something to do with it that we share the same internet connection.

EDIT 2: We just connected to Sentinel Duel server together. No problems at all. I don't know which other servers if any this could be a problem for.
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each server has a .cfg file with a command that dictates how many connections from the same IP may connect. I'm unsure whether it would stop the server showing up for someone, but theoretically they may have it set to 1 in relax and chill, vs the default of 3 that most servers have.

I could test this theory with help but it's just a theory. (A GAME THEORY sry)

I'm unsure of any solutions besides a vpn but most vpns don't work with some or all mb2 servers (you get kicked) so you might have to search a little and test it to find one that does.