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Technical Issue FPS

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Hello there. I have an fps problem. my FPS drops when I see most people in general. As I looked through the game's forums, when I looked at my driver information in the game, I noticed that it was "gldirect", and on what was said, I deleted the file "opengl32.dll" and my fps problem disappeared but I had to reset my computer due to another problem. when I looked at the driver information in the game again, there was nothing related to "gldirect" but I am having FPS problem again. Do you have any information about what to do?


the grinch
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Please don't make repeated threads just because you didn't get an immediate response on the other. That usually means no one has an idea what the problem is, and just restating the same thing with the exact same information provided before won't help at all. For instance, you could upload your current game config.

This really still sounds like a system configuration issue though, and that's a bit out of scope as that wouldn't be directly related to the mod.