Force powers guide (Duelling)

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Force powers guide (Duelling).
Force powers are generally overlooked by most MB2 duellists as most people focus on honing saber skill instead of learning to use force powers. This guide is here to teach all duellists the wonderful world of Force-whoring.

First of all force isn't extremely effective by itself, it is better to incorporate into your duelling strategy then to completely rely on it.

Force Points: The blue bar next to your BP. You lose force points for DFAs, Katas, Jumping, slapping, taking damage and using force powers.

Force Focus: Force focus makes your opponent vulnerable to all basic force powers it is a grey/blue fog that appears around your opponent once you stare at them long enough, depending on their force block level the amount of time required to gain force focus varies.

Force Block: Force block does two things. The first it alters the amount of time required for your opponent to force focus you the higher your force block the longer it takes. Second it increases the amount of FP you can use before you are vulnerable to force powers. At level 1 Force block as long as your are above 95 FP you are invulnerable to force powers as long as you are not force focused, at level 2 it is 80 FP, at level 3 it is 50 FP. These are known as FP levels.

Basic Powers: Basic powers can be used with force focus or when your opponent is below their FP level.

Push: Push can knock back or knock over a running Jedi/Sith depending on the level of push. Push level 1 costs 40 FP and will cause a slight knock back on a running opponent. Push level 2 costs 20 FP and will cause a larger knock back on a running opponent. Push level 3 costs 20 FP and will knock over running opponents.

Pull: Pull can knock over running opponents at level 3 and pull them closer to you at lower levels. Costs 40 FP at level 1 and 20 FP at higher levels.

Sense: Allows you to see enemies on your minimap at level 1. Enemies and Allies through walls at level 2. See the health and armour of enemies at level 3 and dodge sniper shots at level 3.

Jump: Allows you to Jump higher then other classes at level 1 for a huge FP drain. Allows you to jump very high and perform wallruns for a huge FP drain at level 2. Allows you to jump extremely high and perform wallruns and wallgrabs at level 3 for a moderate FP drain.

Lightning (Sith only): Stuns the opponent if they are not blocking/swingblocking. Deals moderate damage per second.

Grip (Sith only): Slows down movement and eventually causes saber to turn off at level 1. Completely stops movement and closes saber instantaneously at level 2. Level 3 is same as level 2 but with increased damage and the ability to move the enemy about. No damage is done with Force Focus damage only occurs if they are below their FP level. Grip also disables your opponent's FP regen.

Mindtrick (Jedi only): Renders you invisible for a set amount of time dependent on level.

Speed (Jedi only): Lets you move faster, at higher level increases melee damage.

Synergy Powers: Synergy powers cannot be used with Force Focus and only work if the opponent is below their FP level.

Superpush: Requires pull 3 and push 3. Simply pull then push a running opponent while unarmed. If done into a object or another player it should kill them instantaneously, If they survive they will be down twice as long as a normal push.

Grip Superpush: Requires grip 3 and push 3. While unarmed Grip an opponent then push them. Can be done while armed as well but requires you to lift the opponent into the air and does less damage.

Lightning Push: Requires lightning 3 and push 3: Knocks and opponent down and makes them take double damage from lightning while down, they also stay down for twice as long as normal. Simply use lightning while unarmed on a running opponent. Lightning push can be used with force focus but does no damage (it still has the double knockdown time though).

Repulse: Requires jump 3, pull 3, push 3 and Saber defence 0. Causes all running opponents in a 360 degree arc to be knocked over (if they hit an object or another player they can potentially die). This ignores force block and does not require your opponent to be below their FP level.

Speed Lunge: Requires a lightsaber, speed 2/3 and jump 3. While holding the forward key (W on a QWERTY keyboard) activate speed and then directly after activation press jump (make sure you have your saber equipped) with speed 2 this should allow you to jump far away, with level 3 this should also allow you to use your lightsaber as you speed lunge by simply pressing attack when you are near an opponent.


Grip Techniques:
Grip Slash: Grip an opponent as soon as the grip has initiated let go and slash them with your saber, the grip should have turned of their saber leaving them defenceless.

Delayed Grip: If your opponent has good timing and pushes you as soon as you start the grip, or has bad timing and you need to drain his force power simply start activating grip on him and once it is almost completely activated move your crosshair off him, you will see the hand icon slowly start to open, put your crosshair back onto him to make the hand icon start to close again. Keep taking it on and off him till he tries to push when he does put it back on him and activate the grip (push has a cooldown so he won't be able to use it again instantly) and then use grip slash or throw him around. Against someone with bad timing though you can just keep putting on and off them to force them to consecutively push causing them to waste FP.

Defending vs Push/Pull: With Grip 3 once you have gripped your opponent start quickly turning your mouse to throw them around, this will make it harder for them to aim thus harder for them to push you.

Grip Pull/Push: A lot of opponents will charge at you when you try to activate grip if they do this it gives you the opportunity to push/pull them.

Activating grip: While grip can be activated at any time, as long as you have force focus or your opponent is below their FP level, the 2 best times are when your opponent is extremely low on FP (that way they may not even be able to push/pull out of it) or when they are on the ground (that way they cannot attack you while you activate it.)

Lightning Techniques:

Lightning Push + DFA: Due to lightning push knocking down enemies for twice as long as a normal push you can use a DFA with it right after activating it, if done right the DFA should be impossible to dodge by any opponent. This works on full FP opponents as well as long as you have force focus.

Stun Mblock: Can be done with any level of lightning, if someone attacks you and isn't swingblocking electrocute them this should stun them temporarily, the stun will stop once you stop using lightning on them or they hold block. If you stun them for half a second by simply tapping the force power key you should be able to see which direction their attack is coming and this should make mblocking a lot easier. (if they choose to hold block to escape the lightning instead of waiting for the stun to wear off then this will not work).

Knockdown Lightning: While knocked down opponents have no way of defending vs lightning this is a great opportunity to use it.

Lightning Superpush: Requires Pull 3, Push 3 and Lightning 3. By mixing together superpush and lightning push you can create a powerful force power capable of sending opponents twice as far as a superpush and dealing heavy damage. Simply use pull on an opponent followed by lightning while unarmed.

Lightning Block: If you force focus someone and activate lightning on them they wont be able to attack until you stop using lightning. You can abuse this, by forcing them to block by holding lightning on them and allowing you to regenerate BP.

Mindtrick Techniques:

Mindtrick Superpush: Superpushing your opponent while they are mindtricked, it is as simple as it sounds.

Mindtrick Melee: Using force powers or unarmed attacks does not stop your mindtrick. By combining Speed 3 with Mindtrick you can unleash some devestating melee damage.

Mindtrick Speed Lunge: Speed lunging at an opponent while they are mindtricked (they'll never see you coming.)

Push/Pull Techniques:

Shadowswing/Movement Dodging: Using these to distance yourself from your opponent may cause your opponent to chase after you, this is an opportune time to use push/pull.

Slap Push/Pull: If you Push/Pull someone when they are midfall from a knockdown it will work as if they are running, this can be used to successfully push enemies off ledges or initiate a superpush.

Speed Techniques:

Close range Speed Lunge: By looking down you can reduce the range of your speed lunge, the lower you look the lesser the range. This can allow you to use speed lunge in facehug and the knockback can be used to knock enemies of ledges.

Speed Melee: With speed 3 unarmed damage recieves a slight increase and you can punch at a more rapid rate, this can be used to give you an edge in unarmed combat or quickly dispatch low/mid health opponents. Those experienced in unarmed combat can take on full health saberists and gunners purely with Speed 3.

How to know if your opponent is low on FP: The two easiest ways to check if your opponent is low on FP is by using grip or mindtrick without force focusing your opponent, if you can successfully use either it will immediatly indicate whether your opponent is low on FP or not. Another less accurate way is simply to calculate how much FP they use. People who spam Katas, DFAs, Jumps and Force powers will quickly run out of FP if you know how much FP each Force power/Kata/DFA uses you should be able to make a rough estimate on how much FP they have at any given time depending on how often they use it.

How to trick your opponent into draining FP:

Delayed Grip: This method is covered above.

High Ground: By taking the high ground you can force your opponent to follow you thus draining their FP. This has a downside as you will (in most cases) drain your own force power when jumping onto high ground.

Corner Spam AKA The Rope-a-Dope: Most effective against staff and dual users if you allow them to corner you they will usually resort to spamming katas. Allow them to do this while jumping out of the way as soon as they begin the kata and then cornering yourself once again once it finishes. This should cause them to drain heavy amounts of FP leaving them vunerable to Force powers.

1 Last Tip: When jumping, doing DFAs or Kata's opponents may tend to hold block making them immune to push and pull powers, with jumping this will make them move slower and make it easier for you to hit them with a saber or grip them. With DFAs/Katas they cannot initiate them while holding block and must hold block after they have initiated it. This usually leaves a small gap between the time the DFA/Kata is initiated to when your opponent holds block, this is usually a very small split second gap right at the beginning of the kata/DFA. If you can predict when they are going to start the kata/DFA you should be able to pull/push them.
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This is more of a general "how to use Force powers vs saberists" kind of thing than anything specific to dueling.

Would add/adjust:
- MT can be used to instantly break Grip
- Sense can be used to counter MT (shows them on radar with level 1, makes them visible with 2+)
- Grip cheese is being fixed so probably should remove that
- Non-lightsaber melee moves bypass block while lightsaber melee moves will only stagger at best (assuming opponent is blocking)
- When using Speed, you can roll without jumping with the crouch key (don't know if this pertains to a specific level of Speed or not but it's good to know)
- IIRC FB1 is 90 FP, not 95
- Similarly to the close range speed lunge, you can actually do the same with DFAs (I nicknamed doing this with RDFA as "headbutting". Quite difficult to do but can be very strong.

Quick edit/note:
This topic really (re)shines a light on how silly most of the interactions with FB/Force powers in general are..
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While doing these force stuff, do you do these techniques with using Q and E to go between forcepowers or do you bind them to some keys like in default f1 f2 f3 etc. i saw Vongs in his video, he was using binded keys instead of Changing them with Q and E.

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While doing these force stuff, do you do these techniques with using Q and E to go between forcepowers or do you bind them to some keys like in default f1 f2 f3 etc. i saw Vongs in his video, he was using binded keys instead of Changing them with Q and E.
I recommend binding. If you main Jedi/Sith I would replace weapon keys with force powers to make them easily accessible. I believe k4far also made a script a few years ago that allowed you to do certain "combos" like superpush by pressing a single button.

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I recommend binding. If you main Jedi/Sith I would replace weapon keys with force powers to make them easily accessible. I believe k4far also made a script a few years ago that allowed you to do certain "combos" like superpush by pressing a single button.
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