Flinch Not Working 100%

Discussion in 'Bug Tracker' started by SomeGuy, Sep 3, 2017.

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    I've seen some times when flinch happens yet the saber still kills the target even though it's recoiled off to the side. Not sure how to actively reproduce it but if you watch some close range fights you can clearly see it happen sometimes.
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    This might also be a latency thing. See if you can replicate, save the demo and rewatch that in slow motion. Demos are free of lag, so they should reflect reality.
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    Flinch is also 100 range, so flinch won't occur based on certain movement combinations, which is why jump attacks are so strong. Matching idr at 200 would be better for consistency.
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    We just need a way to make it so neither side can abuse some sort of loophole in the system. (this is why i think knockback was way better balanced than flinch, less chance for screw up. and gunner or saber wasnt totally op in saber vs gun only) Whereas now most experienced jedi know exactly what to do to prevent flinch most of the time. i.e. jump attacks, those side swings with cyan that are near impossible to hit and flinch.

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