Feedback Thread: CTF Open Beta #4 - October 9th-10th 2021


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Please be sure to leave your feedback from the recent test here. Separating each bit of feedback into different categories such as feedback on the mode itself, and feedback for individual levels, or feedback on specific features specifically within CTF. An example feedback template:

General CTF Gameplay

Flag Capturing




  • Backstreets
  • Deathstar (1 flag)
  • Deathstar (2 flag)
  • Eravana
  • Jedi Temple
  • Scarif
  • Star Destroyer
  • Theed
  • Tusken


Capture the Flag
  • Feature: Capture The Flag
    • Capture The Flag has two variants. 2 flag and 1 flag.
      • 2 flag is like traditional CTF. Capture the enemy flag and take it back to your base.
      • 1 Flag has a central flag location, that you then need to take to the enemy base to capture.
    • CTF Rounds last up to 12 minutes depending on the level settings. If after time is up and the score is even, the game will enter a 1 minute "Overtime".
    • Once the round is up, teams will swap sides of the map.
    • CTF has a new respawning system. Instead of having a limited number of lives in a round there are now "infinite" lives. However, respawns are no longer instant, and each class has a respawn timer. Reinforcement point count is also taken into consideration.
      • Baseline respawn times:
        • 1 Life Classes: 40 Seconds
        • 2 Life Classes: 24 Seconds
        • 3 Life Classes: 12 Seconds
        • Changing class: 48 seconds
      • On low population servers the respawn times above will be halved until there are more than 8 in-game players. Respawn time will then scale up until the maximum time is reached at 16 players.
      • In Full Authentic / Legends mode, the system works the same until a class has more than 2 extra lives. 3 extra lives will reduce the timer to 9 seconds, then every extra life beyond that will reduce it by another second until it is instant. FA authors may also use the new MBCH key respawnCustomTime to simply specify a maximum respawn time.
    • Flag Carrying Restrictions: Certain abilities cannot be used while carrying the flag, and will drop the flag on use.
      • Force Speed
      • Force Mind Trick
      • Jetpack
      • Droideka Roll
      • Wookiee Rage.
    • Flag Carrying Debuffs: Certain abilities get debuffs when used while carrying the flag
      • Force Jump - Drains more while using jump. (2x)
      • Running - Movement speed is reduced by 10% while running.
    • When a flag is dropped, it cannot be instantly picked up and it will have to be recaptured. To recapture it you must stand within the capture area around the flag for a few seconds.
    • Each flag and base has a 3D Objective icon and radar icon on it. If a flag has been taken its 3D icon is not always visible, but will periodically flash on the screen instead.
  • New: Added option to reduce opacity of siege objective help icons (cg_helpIconOpacity / Settings > UI > UI Options 2).
  • New / Change: Updated flag status indicators.
  • Change: Round timer and other nearby HUD elements are now hidden when Join menus are open.
  • Fix: The directional arrows in the bar indicating capture zone capture progress should display properly now.
  • New: 2 Flag CTF Backstreets
  • New: 1 & 2 Flag CTF Deathstar
  • New: 2 Flag CTF Eravana
  • New: 2 Flag CTF Imperial
  • New: 1 Flag CTF Jedi Temple
  • New: 2 Flag CTF Scarif
  • New: 1 Flag CTF Star Destroyer
  • New: 2 Flag CTF Theed
  • New: 2 Flag CTF Tusken
  • New: 2 Flag CTF Yavin
  • New / Change: 2 Flag CTF Ascension

  • New: 2 Flag CTF Rift
  • New / Change: 2 Flag CTF Ocean Temple
  • New / Change: 2 Flag CTF Medievil
  • New: 2 Flag CTF Halo BC
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Internal Beta Team
Jedi temple isn't the best map for this mode imo but it was alright, not sure how it plays out with more people
Deathstar was pretty good, felt like there was maybe bit too many routes and elevators need buttons
Played a 3rd map but forgot its name lol but it was good
Didnt play other maps unfortunately but overall fun game mode
General CTF Gameplay
-It's real fun, but it would be better with more players. It can feel pretty tense when youre the last alive with the flag.

Flag Capturing
-I liked the fact that players are slower so it's easier to catch up to them if you die or miss them capturing it.

-Respawns feel good right now. Classes with 1 life have their different purposes so killing someone specifically will definitely help with taking the flag.

-Us being able to see the opponents carrying the flag is good too, so you don't loose them that easily.

-I played it with three other people so I didn't get the full experience. However it was still fun and I look forward to larger populations with this gamemode. Playing scrims with ctf will be excellent. Im looking forward to the further betas!
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I think Deka's should have their respawn time doubled. A competent player can really make the Deka a pain in the ass to deal with.

Also, on Tatooine Backstreets, Rebs sometimes spawn inside the shelves in their spawn. Only way to get out is /kill

Otherwise, I'm really excited for this mode to go live. I love CTF game modes in general, and MBII is a perfect fit for it.
General CTF Gameplay
Beta seemed good, excited to play on full a pop server
- Please pretty please make the round timer configurable in the server settings (and don't limit it either, I want a 2 hour round timer damnit)
- (Don't know if this exists) Add the ability to drop the flag to a teammate

- Scoreboard leaves some things to be desired, lots of wasted text (lives for example). I understand it might not be easy to fix this but currently it feels out of place

- Taking multiple lives feels like a waste, especially considering highly skilled players won't die enough to make it worth the cost. However I don't know if this is an issue you want to fix.


Internal Beta Team
General CTF Gameplay
- Let me be clear, if there was a ctf server populated right now, I would be playing it over Open, assuming there wasn't a competitive game I was invited to going. Not because I think the CTF is good in MBII but because the game mode as a whole aluminates some of the more irritating player provided problems in MBII: time wasters, tkers, and obj saboteurs via the respawn system. I'm not saying this to gush all over the new mode, but to put some perspective for my criticism.

Flag Capturing
- I didn't find anything too game breaking. Maybe increase the flag fp drain when jumping slightly? It was kind of cheap on maps like Backstreets as Imps when you get on the roof above the Rebel flag spawn, jump down grab flag, and jump back up to the roof and wait for your fp to recharge before running off in which ever direction there are less enemies. Hard to deal with unless the Rebels have a camping Jedi on defense.

Another idea would be just make the flag the old ysalamiri flag. In JKO Multiplayer there was a mode called capture the ysalamiri. It was CTF but the flag had was a ysalamiri on it, when you had the flag, you were immune to force powers but you also couldn't use any force powers. I only suggest it because currently it seems the only viable flag runner against a competent teams is a Jedi/Sith because they can block incoming fire, jump out of the way, push explosives, and most importantly; don't have to be worried about getting force pushed while bravely running away with the flag.

- I liked the respawning feature a lot more then I thought I would. I was very surprised how most classes even felt good even with varying player sizes. Most surprising, Soldiers when defending or with a Rally ET/Commander on attack felt good. You throw a grenade and sacrifice yourself for your teammates, made Stormies/B-1's really feel endless.

I also found myself playing classes I normally wouldn't play because rather then dying in the first minute of a round trying to learn the map/class and then sitting out for four minutes, I could keep trying until I actually learned something. Despite the penalty on class changes, I found myself changing often depending on the situation and to counter enemy builds. Frankly with the high percentage of trolls/noobs/idiots/BS in MBII, it was nice to play for while where I was constantly in the action, only dropping out for a minute maximum before I wasn't just back in the game but actually fighting.

Which brings me back to my earlier point, I enjoyed the constant action provided by the respawn system, not the CTF mechanics themselves. In particular, the 1 Flag CTF I found very boring but I acknowledge it might be let down by the maps more then the mode.

Maybe one of the progressive siege maps could be reworked to use it or a new type of siege map? I really think there's a winner in this respawn system capable of taking of MBII in a new direction but I lack the vision to see what.

- Not much to say, seems fine, I didn't find any bugs.

- Speaking of old JKO modes, anyone remember Jedi Master mode?

  • 2 Flag CTF Backstreets - seems good but a bit big. Maybe close off the center building routes between enemy sides? Even with that it was a lot of fun even with low player count.
  • 1 & 2 Flag CTF Deathstar - amazing map but way too big for MB2, seems like you could cut the entire lower areas and it would still be too big. I really enjoyed the areas directly in front of the flags.
  • 2 Flag CTF Eravana - haven't played.
  • 2 Flag CTF Imperial - seems good and a fine template for making more maps. Size wise, it's big but there's so much open space and limited routs, it feels small. Dispite the wide open spaces, snipers felt poor due to the amount of angles you could attack from.
  • 1 Flag CTF Jedi Temple - major issue with the spawns, it seems the map is decided when one team pushes up to the two doors of the enemy spawn and camps them while one person runs the flag over and over again.
  • 2 Flag CTF Scarif - not only is this map big, it's really easy to hide even without Jump/Speed/MT/Jetpacks. The original map, both teams could converge on the bomb, while in this both teams end up standing around the flags because it's just not worth defending anything else.
  • 1 Flag CTF Star Destroyer - only played a little but it seems it suffers from the same issue as JT.
  • 2 Flag CTF Theed - haven't played
  • 2 Flag CTF Tusken - haven't played
  • 2 Flag CTF Yavin - haven't played

- CTF seems ready to release with the exception of a few bad maps and bugs. It appears to be a fun mode which will be a good alternative to Open. Though I think there's a basis for something more here.