Feedback Thread: CTF Open Beta #3 - August 13th 2021

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Please be sure to leave your feedback from the recent test here. Separating each bit of feedback into different categories such as feedback on the mode itself, and feedback for individual levels, or feedback on specific features specifically within CTF.

Capture the Flag​

  • Feature: Capture The Flag
    • Capture The Flag has two variants. 2 flag and 1 flag.
      • 2 flag is like traditional CTF. Capture the enemy flag and take it back to your base.
      • 1 Flag has a central flag location, that you then need to take to the enemy base to capture.
    • CTF Rounds last up to 12 minutes depending on the level settings. If after time is up and the score is even, the game will enter a 1 minute "Overtime".
    • Once the round is up, teams will swap sides of the map.
    • CTF has a new respawning system. Instead of having a limited number of lives in a round there are now "infinite" lives. However, respawns are no longer instant, and each class has a respawn timer. Reinforcement point count, and total player count is taken into consideration.
      • 1 Life Classes: 40 Seconds
      • 2 Life Classes: 24 Seconds
      • 3 Life Classes: 12 Seconds
    • As part of the new respawning system, you can also change classes mid-round. However, this will give you a much longer respawn timer of 48 Seconds on your next respawn.
    • Flag Carrying Restrictions: Certain abilities cannot be used while carrying the flag, and will drop the flag on use.
      • Force Speed
      • Force Mind Trick
      • Jetpack
      • Droideka Roll
      • Wookiee Rage
    • Flag Carrying Debuffs: Certain abilities get debuffs when used while carrying the flag
      • Force Jump - Drains more while using jump. (2x)
    • When a flag is dropped, it cannot be instantly picked up and it will have to be recaptured.
      • In beta there will be 3 modes tested. Instant pickup, hacked pickup, and capture area pickup. Instant pickup is like classic CTF. Hacked requires hacking the flag like a console for a few seconds. Capture area means you need to stand in an area around the flag until it is secured.
    • Each flag and base has a 3D Objective icon and radar icon on it. If a flag has been taken its 3D icon is not always visible, but will periodically flash on the screen instead.

Known Issues​

  • Announcer lines are quiet in comparison to the rest of the audio
  • Team Overlay Flag indicator does not have proper placement.
  • Maps are unfinished: Missing textures, holes, z-fighting, visual glitches, lack of minimaps, lower than expected performance may be present depending on the map, etc..

Changes since second beta​

  • Deathstar has received minor updates to lighting, bugs, and visual polish.
  • Backstreets has received minor updates to clip stairs, fix some spots where you get stuck, add a new route from rebel spawn to the top of a building.
  • A classlimits cvar (g_classlimitsCTF) has been added specifically for CTF mode.
  • More announcer lines have been added (Time remaining, countdown, draw.)
  • Team overlay has a temporary flag indicator to show who on your team is carrying the flag. (it does not have proper positioning)

Changes since first beta​

  • Force Jump now takes double FP drain while in use when carrying a flag.
  • More announcer instances were added and fixed some existing ones to play properly.
  • Respawn timer now scales based on player count. 10 or fewer players is half the time. 11-20 scales up to the full respawn timer (40-24-12-48).
  • Target_ambient entity added for increased ambient sounds in levels.
  • New cg_swearwordfiler options with default filter lists, and also censors names.
  • FA can decrease CTF respawn timers further with extralives greater than 2.
  • Server list attempts to set source to Internet if set to local at startup
  • Server list default sort set to Players.
  • TK system now has hard coded caps to prevent it being fully disabled, but can still be effectively disabled (caps are removed) when running a passworded server.
  • Moderation menu now color codes players based on the team.
  • MB2 CTF Eravana:
    • Updated level shot, added obj gfx
    • Added additional route out of spawn
    • Blocked a sniper line of sight into a spawn door
  • MB2 CTF Kashyyyk:
    • More detail added across the map
    • Added additional ambient sounds
    • Added temporary procedurally generated minimap.
  • MB2 CTF Theed
    • Updated level shot, obj gfx.
    • Moved blue flag back into former blue spawn courtyard and adjusted clipping
    • Moved blue spawn into protected area and fixed spacing for deka spawns
    • Added additional route into blue flag area
  • Added two new CTF Maps: Backstreets and Tusken

Sneaky Rogue

Internal Beta Team
Issues I noticed:
- Join Lag occurs similar to duel mode when multiple people respawn
- You can throw nades and shoot through respawn doors on death star which could prove problematic for griefers or enemy team spawn camping

-Allow Flag captures without having possession of your teams flag (prevents people from timewasting the flag and makes it easier to score points)
-Raise the respawn timer for deka + mando because of their value of having high mobility
I didn't make it to the "big" test. But I ran for half an hour with a couple of guys + Mace.
I'm not likely to be objective, but it's cool!
I liked the technical execution, but the location around the dropped flag I would have liked a polygonal (round) rather than square.
Map design is beautiful. Especially DS and Kashyyyk - my respect!
For the start of this type of game - all good. The balance will already have to correct in future updates.
(Sorry for my Eng 😅)
It was really fun tbh, especially Kashyyyk, Deathstar and um_rift. Maybe reduce the respawn cooldown for all classes during the overtime (or give them an equal respawn timer) and make DS superlaser last longer!


Internal Beta Team
Overall CTF has a tremendous amount of potential imo.

I liked most of the map design I saw, although the Tusken map was far too dark.

CTF Deathstar: It would be nice if the elevators within each team's actual spawn/obj area was more controllable since there seems to be a very significant cooldown before it can ascend/descend again.

I have mixed feelings on the spawn shields being able to be shot through in general, but I can see the intent in curbing nonsense, so I'm fairly neutral on that.

My only real concern is spawn timer with respect to balance. Certain classes are just going to need harsher respawn times, particularly Deka. Deka is just absurdly oppressive in a game mode where mobility is king. I would argue it should have a 20 second increase across the board for deka respawn, regardless of player count. Most of the other classes aren't too concerning aside from Mando which is again due to absurd mobility.

There's also the still present dilemma of reinforcements not really feeling worth it. If the map was particularly small, or I'm playing soldier where reinforce 1 is 2 points, then sure. Otherwise, when its a map with as much size as deathstar, or kashyyyk, then cr3 or just running double nades with d280/t21 is an extremely strong choice.


i havent had time to play much but from what ive watched id probably add jedi to that cuz speed 3. but i would probably nerf speed OUTSIDE the main game for jedi in ctf


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but i would probably nerf speed OUTSIDE the main game for jedi in ctf

We kinda want to avoid the can of worms that has. CTF isn't a separate mode like open/fa/duel/legends, You can run those modes on a CTF map if you wanted (and there are new keys to make FA classes have their own respawn timers). So that would end up meaning we have specific balance changes within open mode itself but only in this specific case.

Instead of doing things like that, we want to focus on having penalties while carrying the flag, and your respawn timers. If classes like jedi/sith need more penalties while carrying the flag we can look at something like that, same with increasing their respawn timers. Right now you just cant use speed while carrying the flag, and if you jump you take 2x the fp drain to jump. We also put in a class limit for CTF specifically and will recommend a default value for that after testing is over. So if servers think jedi/sith and flags are too much, then they just need to limit them for CTF only.
I remembered something. 😅
I need to make a like Um_ctf)
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