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We have been pretty relaxed in our moderation of this section, and as such there have been threads and posts that do not contribute to healthy discussion about the game and proposals that one may want to see in the game. To lessen the frequency of those types of threads/posts, here are the posting guidelines for the Feedback & Gameplay section.

Additional guidelines for "Feedback and Gameplay"
  1. Do not report bugs here. Use the Bug Tracker section instead.
  2. Do not demand or assume that something in the mod will or should be altered, added, or removed simply because you say so. The team makes this mod, for free, and they decide what they want to do with it.
  3. When debating a topic, do not simply repeat the same exact argument and ignore all thoughts/ideas that are presented by others. This causes debates to be simple spamfests where people are simply repeating themselves over and over, and leave the thread as a waste of space.
  4. Do not resort to flaming of another for any reason. Discuss the ideas, not the people who present them.
  5. Outright complaining of features in the mod that do not have any sufficient information to backup their claims of unbalance is not allowed. The team decides what they believe to be balanced, not you.
  6. If you're going to make any feedback on gameplay features or suggest possible gameplay features to be included in the future, make sure that your post/thread is properly thought out, researched, and organized.
  7. Do not make threads/posts about so-called unbalance simply because you lost to something in-game due to your own mistakes. Only make threads/posts based on something you believe may in-fact be unbalanced based on your experience when using and being defeated by the specific feature you are trying to discuss.
  8. When trying to make an argument or point, please try to give proper information to back it up.
  9. Please use the appropriate tags for feedback and proposals.
Users that violate these posting guidelines, and the general terms of services of the forums, will receive a warning, and all involving posts and threads closed or deleted.

These guidelines and the additional terms of service for forums can also be found here: Forums Rules / Code of Conduct
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