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Technical Issue Everytime I Join A Game, I get kicked out

Discussion in 'Support' started by SB1123, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. SB1123


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    Hi! I just recently acquired this mod and was very excited to try it out. The issue is that whenever I join a game, I get kicked out. I've been told to make it so that the engine is MBII client. But when I do this, I can't see any servers. Is there a fix for this? I'm sorry if this has been asked a bunch of times. I've checked various places and have yet to find a solution that works. Thanks and have a nice day!
  2. Puppytine

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    Any error message appears when you get kicked out?
    Do not just say "I get kicked out", do not use vague phrasing. Always post direct and full quotation of each and every error text.
    How do you switch to MBII Client? Using settings in MBII Launcher, or something else?
    Make sure "Jedi Academy\GameData\mbii.x86.exe" is whitelisted in firewall and anti-virus.

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