Duel Map - Dojo V2 - WIP

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A long time ago I was part of a community called the MBU (Movie Battles Universe), something some may remember.
Part of my role there was to create maps for the community to use for events and training.

Back then I went by the name "Zeke Asakura" or just "Zeke".
To cut a long story short, one of these maps was ported to UM (thanks Frenz) with a few changes, I've seen this get a lot of use on the duel servers I frequent so I thought it was time to make a new version of it that takes advantage of duel mode.

The original map was called mbu_saber_training_v2 whilst Dojo is just V1, to save confusion I'll call it Dojo V2 here.
Duel mode didn't exist back when this was originally made (13 years ago!).

Goals for this new version:
- Have different rooms in good range of both Sith and Jedi spawns (no more running for ages if you are a sith).
- Make use of some of the assets I have made for my unreleased maps
- Cram as much in to the map as possible without affecting frames and maximising fun

I've been working on this for 3 days so far, it looks very similar to V1 but I will break the mould on it and tweak things as I go on.
Main differences so far is MORE ARCHES and night time.

Attaching progress as it stands, main courtyard has had some detailing done, lighting still needs work as it's overly bright.

Feedback welcome!






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Quick build update.

Courtyard has had the majority if not all the brush detailing completed now and has had a few passes done for the lighting.
It's still not quite right for my liking with the torches being overly bright but is getting closer.
Aiming to add more contrast between the light and dark areas.

A new outside area for pit style fighting has been added, this still has a long way to go and needs more lighting work doing.

The old Dojo pit room will be added from the original map but with some more updates for game play, it is the most fun room from the old map and my aim is to make sure that doesn't change but is even more fun for those epic base JKA like FFAs.

Looking at the screenshots from in game, the gamma from my settings is really throwing things off a bit so I will have to redo a lot of this to ensure it doesn't become "too dark".



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MBU... that was so long ago. Good times. Looking forward to the completion of this map. It's become quite popular among duelists.
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New update, took longer to polish some areas off, still need some decent lighting work to be done but getting closer, happy to show some new progress!

This time around I've focused on the second function room, the pit room.
Pit has stayed true to the original but I have turned up the amount of detail brushing I do as this room is very high traffic next to the court yard.

I have also made a start on the third function room, like an events room for tournaments with a depressed dueling area with a gallery above it, too early show this room as it has just started but the entry way is looking nice.

To save on time I've decided to re-use the hallways for to each function room but may swap these out later. Due to their structure it is very easy to extend or shrink their size when needed.

I will soon be looking for people to test the map out in places and check things over.
You will need some experience in dueling/FFA and have played the original Dojo some what so that it can be compared to it as a base line.
If you are interested please drop me a message on Discord, I am on the main MB2 discord and a few others.

I am also open to feedback from any established mappers, however I won't be sharing the map source file.

That's all for now! :)