Don't make Chombo hurt you.

Chombo compared to typical Padawan
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But before that, lets mention his two mutant ape-rat hybryd pets, Je'daii Leons and Je'daii Kittycat67. Legends says, that due Assgorn, Leons and pussycat67 extremily and developed hability to be incels and protect that status for their lifetime, they have fun beating drunk womans on saturdays, and also they had internal orgies which were way more terrible than Jeffrey Epstein's; In this ceremony, it is said that they do fetish such as necrophilia, pedophilia, coprophagia and satanist rituals. Going more on depth of these abominations:

Kittycat67 - He has been playing for eons, begin active on forum aswell, and despite that, he is still shit, begin the perfect training bot iwth an A.I developed and focused in order to be challenged by 1 week players. He is a toxic rat and lamer, he probably saw his father attacking his mother with a chainsaw as soon as he saw the creature that this poor woman begot, now he has to take off from the realaity by playing star wars games and watching anime. However, this can be seen as a favour since i dont think this woman would endure a son that jacks his dick off to anime toons. Also, he is the creator of the worst alias i have ever seen in a game.

Leons - Overall, a pussy and, he is a known flamer, baby anal-driller, and he is also known for making conversations with a level of 1IQ, this idiot would bark if he sees someone insulting Argorn, but he will do only that, bark and bark without taking any like a puppy, he wouldn't dare to take a duel or even lame to high-tiers that dislike him, because in reality, he is an afraid subhuman who is afraid to people who already stablished their names on this game, this guy is just so delusional that we wont enter in more details.