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Hello Community,

I rarely post on these forums but I do occasionally read them and it seems like the Developers regularly check them as well so i'm happy to post this here for them to see it primarily and of course for everybody else to critique, comment or meme away at this!

Anyways, i'm going to preface this post with my own knowledge which is to say i've played for quite sometime - primarily as a Jedi/Sith because that's generally what I enjoy. However, with this said I am not exactly a MASTER TIER SABERIST or anything like that. Just a guy who likes to have fun who generally holds his own in the game. With that said i'll go ahead and get started. Thanks again and I will include a TL;DR version at the bottom with the suggestions i'd like to see eventually implemented. I just want to also describe my current experiences with it as well in case anybody cares to read them.

-Suggestions & Critiques-
  • The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.
So to start this off I want to express my current views on Sabering and Force Users. I don't think that Sabers & Force Users are generally in a good place as far as a team game is concerned and with the recent update removing BP regen from PB'ing they aren't great with each other either as it simply becomes a recipe to spam until the other person dies... not very cinematic or movie like. Sure, you can negate BP drain by PB'ing anyways but ultimately it reduces the actual usefulness and versatility of the other saber styles - which also has been a problem for sometime.

I'm going to simply get this idea out of the way here and now. Pure balance is not going to be possible. It simply isn't realistic with the diversity of all the classes and the unique game play styles, along with Player Skill to expect pure 95-100% balance.

With this said however... there was something that made fighting other Force Users really fun. The ability to prolong a fight and show off a various level of expertise. Same with gunners who are snipers. Believe me I know some people are already rolling their eyes and saying that this was a HORRIBLE part of MB2... but I disagree; this little aspect of MB2 separates it from trying to be a run of the mill team based game. It's what inspires ego's and destroys them all the same. That really competitive culture that MB2 has developed (For better or worse) is really what gives it that stapled edge and I think it's a big part of this mod whether anyone wants to admit to it or not.

Removing the ability to generate BP from a PB is a move that I can understand since the goal here is to limit people from simply 'turtling'. Especially from some players who can just unnaturally seem to PB every attack, regardless of Yaw speed.

However, I think there is a middle ground somewhere here. This is what I propose instead. Why not create an integer value (Or any that you want to help limit cheating) that keeps track of how many times you've PB'd sequentially. So if you PB once then you don't get any BP back. If you PB twice in a row then you'll be eligible to recover a portion of BP - once it reaches beyond 2 then reset it back to 0. So even if they get another PB they won't just keep regenerating BP.

This I think would be a fun thing to try out. It doesn't solve the lightsaber style versatility issue but it adds a new component to PB'ing. If you really wanted to expand on this idea you could set it up so Purple only needs 1 time. Red and yellow need 2 PB's - everything else can be 3 or more. This idea can even be expanded to various other weaknesses which I have a few in mind. But i'd rather get some input on it first and foremost. Who knows? Maybe this was already suggested, tried and shot down.

  • More weaknesses to Jedi/Sith for Gunner versatility
One really annoying thing as a gunner are the limited options you have fighting a Jedi & Sith. Some of which aren't even really punishing. So I figured i'd suggest one new idea to make something extremely punishing against Force Users but with a high level of skill to try and pull it off.

I've come to favor melee alot and as great as it is I think it's still widely underused in terms of potential. For gunners why not give folks the ability to disarm a lightsaber by using a particular melee grapple move? Or at the very least have some moves drain HP and the other drain force power. This would give a really high risk / high reward to using melee. You could also utilize the Saber Defense stat in this capacity too which is if someone uses a jump kick on you - it'll have a chance to disarm you. The higher the skill point the less the chance of disarm. But i'd also recommend removing the ability to block while the jump kick animation is playing.

  • Melee Versatility
I'm just adding this in here because I like the idea and it'd be hilarious to see. I would like to see Wookiees be able to grapple SBD's and if SBD's have a battery charge of 80% or more they can press the reload/block button to break out of the grapple.

  • Conclusion
Well, i've got a ton of other ideas but I have to say this latest patch has really been abit of a downer for me. The removal of BP regen altogether on a PB was not a welcomed surprise. I'm generally not pleased with the update since it has directly affected me and how I enjoyed the game for a little while. So hopefully some of these suggestions could be implemented in a hotfix or the next patch altogether but if not then oh well. That's just how it goes.

Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read this over and have a great day. <3


  • Add in a Sequential Counter to BP regen; 2 successful PB's = regen some BP. Reset Sequential Counter back to 0.
  • Give Melee some new features such as FP drain, chance to Disarm Saber users.
  • Remove blocking ability while using Jump Kick and ass a chance to disarm based on Saber Defense stat.
  • Allow Wookiees to grapple SBD's
  • Allow SBD's with Battery % >= 80% to break free from their Grapple.


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Truth is, you don't need BP regen on PB to be defensive.

Instead of relying on BP regen from PB you can:
- Constantly walk backwards, to achieve easier PBs and bait your opponent to run
- PB a lot
- Attack only to parry or interrupt
- Time your slaps. If opponent is running at the moment you slap he will fly further away from you than normally.
- After knocking down an opponent don't attack, walk backwards holding block instead.
- When you feel your opponent is tired launch the most agressive peice of combo you have. Throw his balance away. And for fs don't forget about swingblocks, you can't afford being slapped yourself.
- Not worked? Call it psychological warfare and go defensive again.
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I can't really address anything saber v saber. There are saber v gunner changes we are trying to do in the future, like removing flinch and returning knockback, adjusting FP drains further.

We are also working on Wookiee and SBD changes. SBD is getting revamped entirely, so best to wait on anything else until after that is done. We are also trying/have tried another thing you mentioned, but I cant really reveal what that is at this time.
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Bring back vibroblades from base JKA. Also that emp/electric gun. Fletchette shotgun too. Those 3 tools would be great for anti-Jedi and anti-droideka/SBD and also give non-force users some really fun alternatives to pew pews.