Curious request? [Voice Line Change suggestion For kit Fisto]

so I've seen a few videos of those voice clips videos from other sw games pop up in my recommended on youtube (Star wars battlefront 2, Star wars RoTS the video game etc), and having watched some, and it got me thinking 'i wonder why they dont use the lines from Clone Wars Lightsaber Duels game for kit fistos voice lines, some of these are absolutely perfect, it'd be cool to see kit fisto with his real voice',

this video has plenty of perfect voices that would fit, the audio is already cut without background noise, and though of the OG voice lines can be funny, they're rather annoying too.
here is my suggestion, and the video in question:

And here are some examples that would fit that i picked for the taunts, gloats and flourishes,

[@ 0:43] "You're still here? Perhaps youre not a coward after all!"
[@ 1:25] "is this really necessary?"
[@ 8:11] "are you for real?!"
[@ 8:13] i hope youre ready for a humbling experience"
[@ 9:13] "Back for more, old friend?"
[@ 9:22] "if youre expecting an easy victory, prepare to be disappointed."
[@ 9:56] "Youre quicker than the average droid, i'll give you that!"
[@ 12:20] "i will put an end to your cruelty."
[@ 15:45] "your blood shed will end now."
Gloats / flourishes:
[@1:34] "the odds of you defeating me are too high to calculate!"
[@ 1:54] "The jedi will end this war and restore peace and justice to the galaxy"
[@ 5:45] "Score another victory for master fisto!"
[@ 6:51] "next time send something who knows how to handle a lightsaber!"
[@ 7:00] "you challenge me again, but really, why bother?"
[@ 10:50] "youre not a warrior youre a tool of the sith!"
[@ 11:43] "i can count my tentacles the amount of times i have beaten you!"
[@ 12:52] "i will fight till the last against the sith!"
[@ 14:10] "notice i havent given up?"
[@ 15:08] "Dont knock a nautolan!"
[@ 16:53] "you may yield, but wheres the fun in that!"
[@ 4:04] 'i want a rematch on my terms! that means under water...'
[@ 6:13] 'Better Luck next time!'
[@ 9:50] 'every time i think my saber skills are improving, yours gets that much better'
[@ 16:58] 'Temper! Temper!' (can be used as a gloat or taunt)
[@ 20:10] 'don't misinterperate my smile, i take my training very seriously!" (can be used as a gloat or taunt)

Damage Grunts:

lego star wars 3 sounds for his death lol
(this ones a joke)

Death Sounds:
[@ 10:08] "you may be able to beat me, but dont hold your breath.."
[@ 14:04] "That's odd.. i should be winning this fight!"

as you can see, plenty of options to use i would say and i dont mean to be preachy or condescending or anything, i understand there may be copyright issues with these kinds of things (i only suggest this as ive heard some characters like ahsoka and plo koon have voice lines straight from the show, so i'd assume it wouldnt be too much of an issue) and i dont know much about file work or anything so i'm not sure how hard this would be to do, but if the devs consider this it would be very cool to see! :)
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Kit Fisto voice pack.
Place the file into, ''Jedi Academy/GameData/MBII'' folder